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Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hello! My name is SAM ♥

I am a Digital (Feral&Anthro) Artist, Freelancer, Roleplayer, & Literal Scale Trash !

You can find me across various platforms, though my focus is furAffinty and tumblr at current. I will get e-mailed if you poke me on here, though, so don't worry! I won't miss your messages. Have fun poking around my gallery!

Do you like noodles? Me too! You can learn more about my characters here ( http://toyhou.se/Samf ).

Commissions are OPEN. My commission sheet is only set up on fA at the moment ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22655131/ ) .
Trades are OPEN. I would prefer if you had commission prices similar to mine own.
Requests are TENTATIVE. You'll probably only get something from me if we're friends and our characters have an interesting dynamic. xD

I look forward to arting with you all. Questions? Hit me up!


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