Nobody the Chimera

I am Nobody in particular. I most value honor.                ISFP | Artist | Chaotic Neutral | Level 27 | Aspie
I am an artist, and I live for all that is beautiful.              Erudite | Ravenclaw | Horde | Rebel | Harmony
I admire all art, be it Graffiti, Poetry, or Design.              Likes: Games, books, fish, berries, fantasy, rock
If you would like to know me better just say so.              Dislikes: Failure, dishonesty, cruelty, green, pain

FR: Nobody | Leo: Nobody | Mistic: Nobody | Kaylune: Nobody Aywas: Nobody | Wajas: Nobody
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Greetings. I am Hazard, or Nobody in particular, a feral artist from the Pacific Northwest.I offer prints and commissions of feral animals and monsters. I prefer not to draw anthro. My art mostly involves fantasy or nature scenes. All of the art I bring you is safe for work. If that is what you ...
13/12/2016 15:41


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14/12/2016 03:42


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Species: Lop Eared Bunny
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: artistic
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Species: wolf
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: productive
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