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The only things I won't post are things that violate the AUP. I am against censorship and I believe people are responsible for their own sensitivities, so my work is tagged but that's it. Herein there will be posted images with themes that some will find triggering, offensive or otherwise objectionable in some way, this includes but is by no means limited to blood/gore, non-consensual activity, bodily fluids/solids, inter-species erotica and other kinks/fetishes. Consider yourself warned.

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Commissions: Never  |  Requests: Sometimes  |  Trades: Almost Always
I am completely open to other people drawing my characters, SFW or not, so please feel free, just try to keep their personalities in mind and send me a link to the finished piece so I can come see, and drool over it.

Shaun | 30 | ENTP | Southerner (US)
GENDER: Male (He/Him/His/Mr./Priest/Signore/Señor/Sir/Lord/Esq.)
SEX: Pre-op FTM
SEXUALITY: Homoflexible (polyamorous)
STATUS: Single w/ non-romantic RP partners | Seeking online relationship to call our characters mates, draw couples pix, have kinky skype sessions & all that fun stuff.
INTERESTS: Activism (Egalitarian, environmental, social, animal welfare), Futurism, Learning, Debating, Music (most genres, slight preference for alt rock/indie), Weed, Writing, Philosophy, FNAF, RPGs, Supernatural, Sherlock, Markiplier.
DISLIKES: Willful ignorance, being lied to, Feminism, SJWs, police, greed, thoughtlessness, stupidity, minions, anything Sonic besides the Sega games, people who try to make the world conform to their personal tastes, conformity, excuses (as opposed to valid reasons).
KINKS: (Most are 100% fantasy kinks, some aren't, I won't say which are which.): BDSM sp. bondage, objectification, N/C, Petplay, Pony Play, obedience, show-pet (grooming, competition, etc), humiliation, inspection, one Dom multiple subs; Cum Inflation; Overfeeding/Stuffing Inflation; Reluctance; Footpaws; Femboys; *Messy*; Insertion, Uniforms, Monsters/Aliens/etc supernatural partners, bestiality; Age play sp. teens, innocence, daddy/son incest, inexperience; Sexual Torture, forced exhibitionism, forced past orgasm; Excessive/Extreme fluids; Suited, intelligent, cultured, Sociopathic Dom (What Dorian Grey wants to be when he grows up), facial hair, glasses, 15% body fat (this is just an ideal combo of things I like, not a "must have" list, lol).

This is just a peek into me, it's not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination. If there's something you wanna know about me that I haven't gone over here, or gone into enough, feel free to ask, I'm an open book.


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Commissions OPEN

A clusterfuck of circumstances (that I won't bore you with, unless someone actually wants to know) has hit my roommate and I very hard, and I need money asap. We can't turn to anyone for help (for assorted reasons), so I'm turning to my art for income. I'm not asking for free money (unless anyon...
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 I got invited here.... Cool place. Would really like to know where they got my email from though... The email didn't say whether I was referred by a person I know or what, lol.