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My name is Suki Shenzi/Suko Hiroshi this is how you can know me :D

Name: Suki Shenzi/Suko Hiroshi
Gender: They/Them
Age: 21 years old
DOB: 29th March 1997
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: single
Nationality: British
Country: United Kingdom
Skills: drawing, singing and crafting
Gaming platform: PlayStation 3
Favourite music: rock, pop, Japanese traditional music, Chinese bamboo flute music, R&B, fnaf songs, BATIM devil's swings song
Favourite: The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians
Favourite TV shows: The Lion Guard, Family Guy and Amarican dad
Favourite foods: junk foods (I'll eat anything tbh)
Friends: I don't have much friends :(
Main fursona: Suki Shenzi the Norwegian Forest
Soda fursona: Rubicon Mango and Coca-Cola
Food fursona: Cupcake wolfy, Cherry Wolf and Rocky the rocky road cat
Favourite holidays: Christmas
Favourite games: Okami, sims 3 pets FNAF and BATIM
Favourite characters: Funtime Freddy and Freddy Fazbear

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I'm a Tomboy :p


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lacking uploads w/ Suki

Suki: oh finally your saying something ¬_¬ people think your dead! Me: alright Suki i'm here now! (yes i have a rp talk with my fursona i sound crazy xD) yes! i want to address that i am active here i'm lacking uploads... Suki: your not lacking uploads your not active here you moron >.< Me: damn...
2 months ago


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one sexy homo boi OwO
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Male · Cat · Homosexual · Aries
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Nicknames Sexyboi, Sweetcola
A sweet loving cat who is interested in boys and NSFW only ;) ...
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Thank you for the favorites, and the subscription! ♥

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yee, you're very welcome OwO/

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Good Evening and welcome to Furiffic :D