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lacking uploads w/ Suki

Published: 1 week ago

Suki: oh finally your saying something ¬_¬ people think your dead!

Me: alright Suki i'm here now!

(yes i have a rp talk with my fursona i sound crazy xD)

yes! i want to address that i am active here i'm lacking uploads...

Suki: your not lacking uploads your not active here you moron >.<

Me: damn it Suki!!!!

Suki: oooh

i haven't been here for a long time and i'm lacking uploads

i have all my art and SFM stuff

Suki: SFM sure is great WHEN IT BREAKS HA HA!

yes i did had an issue with SFM i had an error and i could not get into it

so i had to reinstall it, and BOOM it works again i hope this error doesn't pop up again

Suki: my owner and Austin had their first fight over FNAF 'genders' it was funny because

austin was the one who was a toxic moron XD

Me: Suki?

Suki: yes?

Me: what's that got to do with me being inactive here?

Suki: Oops sorry! ._.

ok, i need to be active here more because my FA account just died and i won't be there anymore!



i have improved my modeling more and they are looking great so far, i just need to mess with SFM more

like lighting and stuff 

Suki: Nice ^w^

and i can't wait to submit them OwO

Suki: Legalise OwO 

Me: Suki we can talk about the austin stuff in the next journal!


ok imma make that austin journal now



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