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Far from a home he is unwelcome to, in a place just as unfriendly, a warrior of a brutal empire has found himself setting out on a quest that would return him to his rightful throne, but the cost of achieving it would be astronomical. Marius Octavius Aurelius is the cursed heir of the empire, rejected from birth for being born a monster, but determined to take it back. His armies had gone with the last stalemate battle against the barbarians they sought to conquer, trecherously leaving their commander behind. Now alone with no way back, Marius found himself an easy target for any barbarians still thirsting for imperial blood, not realizing that a lone figure lurked on the corner of his vision. He had met her in battle, and the loss of her adopted kin had set her blood aflame. She couldn't let the one who had demanded their death escape.

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