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Process snapshots : [url]https://twitter.com/ZeNsyse/status/1108483565489176578[/url]

Yet another commission for the Birbl (Lyze) :3
Thanks a lot Birbl!

I was very rusty with ZBrush, but I don't regret forcing myself to try it again just for posing, it's a lot of fun and makes me want to properly try ZBrush again.
I think the time I wasted remembering how to use it was saved by trying a few variations on the pose before sketching off it.
Now and then I make a piece I think ends up so good I doubt I'll match it, last time was the recent sergal one, but I think I matched it after all :)

What I'm most happy with this one is both the value painting was pretty quick and really good, but also the fact it's the most recent time I try to pitch in a scene outside of pixelart rather than a character in the void and it worked out :)

Modifying and posing mannequin : 24min
Rough Concept sketch : 9 minutes
Rendering : 1h17
Coloring : 2h
Total : 3h50
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