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I'm tempted to say it's the first insect commission I draw and I think that's true.
Or in the very least it had been forever since I drew one for sure.

I was kind of worried that the character's more subtle facial features wouldn't render well in low-res pixelart.
I had done a similarily subtle character fanart commission once (Vainglory Grace IIRC) and features had to be very exaggerated just because of level of details.
It's in part why I wanted to avoid going for a more usual standing pose.
I found a good pose that both me and Eris seemed happy with.
It enabled me to zoom in and squeeze in more details without cropping the character that much.
I had a blast designing the gun (very starwars and somewhat borderlands inspired), but the great character's design and palette made it easier and commissioner was helpful in their feedback.

It was a pleasure :)

Imgur process album : https://imgur.com/a/8B7gjHB
alt version with hat! : https://i.imgur.com/dg41ZVt.png Posted using PostyBirb

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