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A drawing of my Bearded Vulture character Branko, I actually really like the whole Barbarian/Raider/Viking style with him, I may re-do his and Corvan's ref sheets to suit a more primal theme to be honest.
Anyway it was good to finally work with gore art again, I really miss doing it and hope one day a few more people decide to commission me gore art some time in the future, don't get me wrong I do enjoy drawing the more erotic stuff but it's good to do something different now and then and gore and guro is one thing I'd love to do more of.

Art and character (c) to me, Carlie NuclearZombie

I lost. · 13/07/2016 13:32 · 4 Replies

Damn son 

WastelandOni · 14/07/2016 03:24

I really gotta do more gore or warrior based drawings ahhhh!!

I lost. · 14/07/2016 03:50

Warrior crow next? :> 

WastelandOni · 14/07/2016 04:15

Well I'm currently shading my new Northern Bald Ibis character, he has no themed outfit yet so that one is a plain SFW nude for now. But I plan to do something Viking themed of my Raven character next so be on the look out for that!

I lost. · 14/07/2016 04:26

Sounds good! I'll be on the look out :3 



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