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high and low

hi hi thought i would intro myself My name is nyla an anthro artist who currently is trying to get her hands a new computer to work on as mine went kaput im still learning so i used mostly free bases for now and hand sketches but once my art is at least satisfactory to me ill start doing a comic
04/11/2015 00:22


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vyolet rosewood

Female · Unicorn · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames vi, roesy
a shy unicorn who enjoys helping others and defends her freinds with every fiber thought prefers ...
19/11/2015 16:50

Nyla Steelclaw

Female · Squirrel · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing No
03/11/2015 23:52


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Miss Ashe

Species: wolf
Artist Type: writer
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linka linxs

Species: NEKO
Artist Type: anime artist
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Zahrah posted to Nyla Christina Cropper

03/11/2015 23:27

Thanks for subing! ^.^

Nyla Christina Cropper · 04/11/2015 00:29

your most welcome[emot=22]

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