Nyu the Fennec fox is feeling Hyper
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Hi there! I`m Nyu,

I`m just a silly, hyper little fennec. Mostly nocturnal 

Standing at a mighty 5`3 I`m the shortest and only fur in my ambulance crew.

I dream of one day piloting life flight helicopters, yeah I`m a bit of an adrenaline junky X3

                        ~ 24- Female-Straight ~

I am in love with my best friend, A youTuber, fellow fur and blogger that I do promotions for

~It`s complicated let`s just put it that way~

I love meeting new people, making friends, and just having a really great time.

I`m kinda shy, and awkward, until I get to know you. 

I am also sensitive, so be nice or I will run very far away :3


                               ~Things I like~

                               -  Red Bull, Pocky, J-pop, Freezepop, Freezepops,

                                  Strawberry Ramune, Iced Coffee, Rice candy, Boba Tea, Spiderman but like

                                  awkward Spiderman,

                                  Awkwardness, Gaming, PC and Console, Tibbers from LoL <3  



                              ~ About My Uploads~

I do enjoy drawing, although I`m not very good...yet.

So A lot of artwork I upload will be gift art, and commissions. ( All artists will be credited as they should :3)

*I will upload some personal art as well*


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Spamming The Masses

Since I just joined today, I`m transferring artwork over, sorry for the spam <3 Nyu
22/07/2015 00:43


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