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Hello! Welcome to my profile.

I'm semi-new to the ecchi art scene, but as of lately I try to submit nearly every day. I hope you guys find my gallery to your liking! Cutesy furry girls and monsters are fun for me to draw, so that's what you can likely expect here.

Currently I am working full time trying to make digital art my living. I also help tend to my grandfather who has alzheimer's, so sometimes I won't be able to reply to messages in the same day, or a commission may be a day longer due to me leaving for emergency reasons. This doesn't happen often, but I apologise ahead of time, and hope you understand my situation!


If you like my [non-commission] art, you're free to use it elsewhere as long as you give proper credit as follows: Tumblr: Reblog art from my Obakawaiiart account, PLEASE! I could really use the traffic! You can remove my original comment as long as the reblog comes from my account.

Do not re-upload my work anywhere as your own. Only commissioners may re-upload pieces they have paid for. You can upload on Booru sites (I've seen a few people do this to mine already, thanks!) if you post the source of where the image came from and that Obakawaii is the artist. I prefer the DA link, but as long as it links back, that's fine.

Most all of my work ends up on tumblr. I leave a link below each image with other sites I've uploaded it on. Please reblog it directly from me, rather than re-uploading.

If using the image on a forum or places where html is allowed, give a click link to the source if possible. If not, list the image title/character name along with "original artist: Obakawaii"

Wanna support me, but don't have the money?? Follow me here, on Tumblr, Furaffinity and  Deviantart , and make sure to favorite or reblog works so other people will be directed here! Thank you for visiting! [center]I don't RP or do much idle chit-chat, sorry.


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