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"Silly master, I'll teach you the ways of squish,"

Character can be any gender and any species, but the pose and shape remain the same!

<s class="bbcode bbcode_s">Ends 11:59pm (central time) Friday, 4/15/16.Check out my ToS and Will/Won't draw before bidding!

I can only accept Paypal USD at the moment!

Bidding starts at $30 USD! Minimum increase $5
Alternate Outfit at $50
Alternate Outfit at $60
AB and Alternate Outfit at $70

Start bid in reply to my first post (or make one in reply to the first bidder/highest subsequent bidder, because I always forget to make them. >3<)! By bidding you agree to commit to payment.</s>

Won by Foxmaster721

Please have payment available before bidding. If you'd like to bid, but may not have funds available immediately, please note me before bidding with the reasonable date you will be able to pay. Fees are due in within 48 hours of the sketch unless arrangements were made before bidding.

Payment is expected before work is started!

Basic YCH: From Below | Foot Work (NSFW) | Secret (NSFW)

$50 Bid YCH: Nude | Dressed

AB YCH: Nude | Mega | Swimsuit | Oriental
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