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Character design line work for silverfox442.

I feel so far behind right now. I had those couple of days looking for apartments, and when I'm home, my fam thinks they should be able to have me run 24/7 because I work at home. Aggghhhh.

I'm super sorry for the extended time period on these past few commissions, and I'm trying hard to make sure I'm still putting out same or better quality art. I don't want to rush things to meet my normal one or two day turn-around times. ><

I wanted to put something up to show that some stuff is getting done. It's just a bit slower than usual.

Also, this actually has a ton of lines and detail bits. The whole machine sort of thing is not usually my jam, but I did like how my old Officer Vi lines came out, and I'd been wanting to make a Sci-fi girl character for awhile, so this commission is an awesome opportunity to work on that. ♥ Hopefully I can finish this later today.

Glowing Final | Static Piece Light | Static Piece Dark | Flats Animated | Sketch
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