Chapter 4: Hunter’s Daughter

Sasha soon left the campus with Toby, which she sat in the back of the car behind him. She studied him carefully noticing that he was just now beginning to sweat. He had finished exercising, which she was expecting for his body to be cooling off. The smell was similar to when she had crashed into his chest the day before. “You know, he’s not really that smelly” she commented.

His mother grinned. “You sure? He sure stinks to me! He smells like…” she said before Sasha chimed in.

“Like a wolfman?”

Toby blushed as he tried to think of something to detour the conversation, but he jumped when she brushed his shoulder as she grabbed onto his seat. “So what do you do for fun? I mean other than guitar hero and scaring drivers” she asked as she leaned in.

“Uh, well…I like to go running, climbing, swimming, and wrestle. I also do longboard racing, Ultimate Frisbee, Foot…err soccer, parkour…” He said.

“Parkour?” she interrupted.

He gulped not expecting she never heard of that discipline before.“Uh…well you can google it. It’s easier to show it than it is to explain it” he said.

She was already on her phone, which she saw a video of men running and performing many acrobatic stunts. She smiled at how fluid and smooth their movements were. “Oh, so that was parkour you did with my car back there didn’t you?” she teased.

His mother smirked as she tried holding back her laughter, but he nodded slowly. “Yea, that was actually what I was doing”he said.

She snickered. “I’d break my neck and bust by ass the same time if I tried to do anything like that” she said.

He snickered with her. “Well, you start small and work your way up. It’s not that hard to do” he said.

She rolled her eyes. “Toby, I can’t move like you can…I don’t have supernatural powers” she said.

He looked back at her. “Who says you need supernatural powers to be awesome?” he asked. She stared at him and blushed.

His mother grinned with amusement, but she looked straight ahead not wanting to spoil the moment. Once they pulled into the driveway, she stopped to let Sasha off who was still blushing brightly at his comment. “See ya in a little bit!” she shouted and waved.


Later Sasha walked down the driveway with goosebumps on her arm.“Okay…just calm down” she mumbled to herself as she looked above at the gibbous moon. “Is it a full moon tonight?” she asked before she pulled her phone out nervously.She stopped at Toby’s doorstep and frantically searched her phone for the lunar phases, but she nearly dropped her phone as his mother opened the door.

She paused and smiled as she saw Sasha’s search result. "Won't you come in…Toby's taking a shower upstairs, he should be down in about 5 minutes" she said as she walked into the kitchen.

Sasha smiled as she unzipped her backpack and pulled out a couple books about werewolves with tons of post-it notes sticking out the side and her tablet. She scanned her surroundings and saw that the living room, dining room, and kitchen all seemed to be like any other typical human home although the technology was a little dated.

She frowned with disappointment expecting something to be more exotic, but she her eyes widened as Lilian pulled out nearly half a cow out of the garage and lowered it onto the chopping block with aloud solid thunk. She pulled out a meat cleaver and viciously started carving up the meat. The floor quivered with each heave of the blade.

Sasha’s eyes followed the blade then she gulped once Lilian looked back at her with a warm smile. "I'm pretty sure there will be enough for you to eat. I remember being in your shoes when I met my first date with a werewolf" she said before she laughed to herself.

Sasha looked up at her timidly. "Um…I’m guessing you never eat out…am I right?" she asked.

She laughed a little louder. "We rarely do…I haven’t been to a restaurant in a couple months, but you learn to know some people who have the capacity to serve a super apex predator’s rapacious appetite" she said with a sly smirked.

Sasha nodded. "So does Toby eat a lot usually?" she asked as she started playing with a lock of hair.

She nodded. “Yea…it’s gotten a lot worse in the past year, but it’s nothing I’m not used to. His father has been known to eat seventy pounds of food in one sitting”she said waving the meat cleaver about. “It’s one of the reasons why I decided to become a werewolf myself” she said after she slammed the meat cleaver into the meat once more. She looked back at Sasha and brushed back a strand of hair from her face.“You can see it can get a bit overwhelming trying to cook let alone raise a pup” she said.

Sasha frowned. “So what do y’all usually eat then? How much to spend on food? Seventy pounds sounds like quite a lot of food, don’t you think?” she asked.

Lilian tapped her chin. “Well, Toby has gotten old enough to hunt, but it’s usually beef or venison. I try to get him to eat more fruits and vegetables, but meat is so much cheaper to get. It’snot as much money as you’d expect. The seventy pounds happens usually on winter solstice. I was told it was a tradition that produces the most puppies” she said. Sasha stared at her confused before she could finish.

“Well, the tradition goes that the males stuff themselves until they are about to burst so they can be as fertile as possible and get a head start with their weight gain. What actually is happens is that they get sluggish, and there’s no change in fertility. Just a lot of time spent in bed, and the females are already in the peak of estrus around that time. It’s a fertility holiday” she said.

Sasha nodded. “I see, so ya’ll don’t need permits to hunt?” she asked.

She shrugged and looked very unsure. “I’m not sure…it’s kind of a grey area for sure. From what I’ve heard from our ODFW liaison is that as long as we are in wolf form, we are not under human jurisdiction. It’s really hard to find safe places to actually hunt now these days, but you know that’s why we hunt in packs now more than ever. Toby usually goes with Zoe, Her Dad, and some others on Saturdays and Wednesday nights” she said.

Sasha gulped. “Um, so when you say you have liaisons, are they werewolves too?” she asked.

She nodded. “Yup…We got them in pretty much every organization” she said.

Sasha stared at her and twiddled her thumbs. “So what do you do for work?” she asked.

She smirked with pride. “Well, I’m a trauma surgeon by trade” she said before she laughed. “You know…I was a little squeamish around blood until I got in high school. I had a really cool health teacher” she said.

Sasha heard a door latch shut upstairs, and Toby walked down the stairs with only a towel on and headphones in his ears. He looked up and saw Sasha in the dining room, and he nearly had a heart attack.Their eyes met before her eyes started to wonder. “SASHA!!...what are you doing here?” He asked in horror.

She blushed trying to stop staring before his mother scowled at him.“Put a damn shirt on! You have a guest over!” she shouted. He gulped and ran back to his room, and she blushed looking towards his mother.

“Did he forget that he invited me?” she asked.

His mother smirked. “Nah, I think you caught him off guard”she said as he came back down now fully clothed but with bare feet.He rummaged through the cup on the table in the living room grumbling. She sighed heavily. “What are you looking for now?”she asked.

He looked up. “I’m looking for my SD card!” he said.

She rolled her eyes. “That table is for coffee not your junk! I put everything in your desk drawer!” she scolded him.

He entered the kitchen and rubbed his head vigorously. “Scheiße(Shit)” he muttered.

Sasha raised an eyebrow. “You speak German?” she asked. He looked up at her briefly and nodded slowly before she grinned. “Would you like to tutor me?”she asked.

He smiled happily. “I canif…” he said before he noticed her staring at the side of his face. He reached up to cover it up. “What?” he asked nervously. She looked away quickly and began to play with a lock of hair.

“It’s done!” His mother shouted proudly before setting a mountain of meat in front of him.

She looked at the monstrous amount of food on Toby's plate. “Wow,that’s a lot of food…” She said as his mother went back two plates of food.

She smiled setting the reasonably sized portion in front of Sasha,but she kept a large portion size for herself. “Sasha, I hope I didn’t give you too little” She said cheerfully.

Sasha stared over at the food on his plate and frowned. “Nah,I’m not that big of an eater” She said modestly.

His mother touched her shoulder gently “It’s okay…I hope you enjoy it” she said before she walked over to the fridge pulling out steak sauce and a gallon jug of pomegranate juice.“I haven’t had humans over in a long time. It’s just been me and Toby mostly” she said apologetically.

She giggled as Toby struggled to use his utensil as if it were a foreign construct. “He can’t possibly eat all of that”She said pointing at Toby's plate. He scowled at her and moved his food away from her. She laughed nervously. "I wasn't going to eat it…honestly" she said.

His mother laughed. “Yea, I think you figured out earlier most werewolves get territorial over their food” she said before she shot her son an evil glare. “He should know better anyway”she raised her voice. He stared at her nervously as she set the glasses of juice down. “Even if he’s playing it’s still rude to be aggressive at the table…we are more civil than that” she said.

Sasha snickered. “It must be that wolf in him” she remarked. She noticed the claws and fangs appeared on him and smiled."Oh my Toby, what big teeth you have" she said. He looked at her strangely. She looked up at his ears being pointier than their usual rounded self, and her jaw dropped once his eyes began to turn color. “Oh wow! You really are a werewolf…aren’t you?!…My gosh!” she yelled in disbelief while pointing.

He stopped and looked at his hands before he frantically hid his claws under the table embarrassed. “I thought we’ve already established that” He muttered nervously.

His giggled mischievously. “Hey! She wasn’t a hundred percent sure…until she sees us transform” she said.

Sasha’s face lit up extremely excited. “Is this all you can do!? Or…are you still transforming?” she asked.

He winced. "Why are we shouting?" he muttered as he covered his ears gritting his teeth in pain.

"It's okay…she's just excited" his mother told him before she shook her head at his overreaction towards her shouting.

He glared at her. "Does that warrant for her to shout!?" he muttered as he lowered his head in embarrassment.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh please…do you have to gripe about everything? At least she's not screaming out of fear. Can’t you see this is a good thing?" she lectured him. She took another bite of her steak.

Toby sighed heavily after taking a gulp of his juice. “I have a feeling we’re going to play 20 questions…aren’t we?” He asked before he munched on his meal slowly.

His mother smiled eagerly. “I’d be delighted to answer any questions that you might have. Don’t mind him, he gets grumpy when he’s hungry” She said happily. Toby continued to eat and listened on the conversation, and every so often his eyes would meet up with hers.

“Okay, first things first…why can Toby eat chocolate? Isit true that werewolves can’t eat chocolate” Sasha asked.

His mother shook her head. “Well we can, but I mean we can’teat nearly as much as humans can. Um, and Toby isn’t an averagewerewolf either. Since he’s in the 99 percentile in size, hecan eat more of the many foods we have a low tolerance” Shesaid.

“Okay, so what’s a thrall?” Sasha asked.

His mother cocked her head curiously. “Where did you hear aboutthat?” she asked.

Sasha sighed heavily. “I have a club member show us sheets ofhandwritten notes she found. I don’t know what they were for orif they were creditable” she said.

Toby cleared his throat. “A Thrall is a shapeshifter thatwasn’t born one. In other words a Thrall is the one whocreated” he said before he looked towards his mother. “Fromwhat I’ve been taught were that the siring of a thrall isn’ttaken too kindly with us” he said.

His mother looked at him oddly. “If you don’t believe melook up the Special Clauses in the handbook. You should know thisstuff by now” she scolded him.

Sasha cleared her throat. “You don’t go attacking humansthen, do you?” She asked nervously.

He smirked. “I don’t without being provoked, but there are some shapeshifter out there who do still attack humans just for the fun of it. In fact, where’s one criminal out there who I tried to stop two nights ago that ended up being plastered on the news last night” he said.

She gasped. “Wait…So, one of those werewolves on tv really was you?” she shrieked.

He blushed and looked down at the table timidly. “Yea, I was the small one…” He muttered timidly.

She beamed with excitement and adoration. “You were nearly as big a Smart car!” She said.

He looked up at her seeing the affection towards him, and he blushed even more. “Um…that was the bad guy…I’m not fully grown yet” he said. His mother watched grinning with satisfaction at the two finally opening up to each other more. She continued to eat as she monitoring and facilitating the conversation.

She grimaced as another question arose. “Toby, what would have happened if you didn’t stop that criminal?” She asked.

His eye twitched at the thought. “There would have been as laughter. Men, Women, Children, Pets and the elderly would all be mangled and mutilated beyond recognition. I thought the alternative was much better” he said.

She radiated with pride and nodded. “And you took on such a huge powerful foe? You must be very powerful despite your size…”she said happily.

His mother smiled. “He’s just like his father…smart,strong, but gentle…though he's just as stubborn and absentminded” she said teasing her son a little.

He glared at her. “Stop…” he muttered defensively as his father was mentioned.

Sasha looked at between them. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It’s nothing…” He muttered trying to change the topic.

She frowned finally cuing in on to the situation, and she stared at him sensing the pain coming off from him. “I’m so sorry Toby…but I think your Father would be very proud of you”she spoke from her heart.

He glared at her. “How would you know!” he snapped. His mother glared at him ready to castigate him.

She looked into his eyes undeterred, which he got lost in her gaze.“Trust me Toby…I know” she said confidently before smiled faintly. He sighed and looked away. “So who’s the leader of your clan, anyway? What's the hierarchy structure like?”She asked.

“Well, that is a mess right now, but Peter Godard is the Interim Alpha; although” his mother said before she pointed over at her son. “Technically he's the elected alpha. Once the elders deem him competent, he'll be assuming his role” She said.

Sasha stared at her in shock for a full minute. "No…way!He’s the alpha!?" she squealed.

He huffed. "It was just a protest vote, no one really thought that I'd win!" he said before he noisily teared into the steak.

His mother rolled her eyes. "A lot of people saw him as capable in being a great leader! Bernie told everyone my son could do a way better than Peter and he could" she said.

Sasha gulped. “I thought Zoe’s dad was the Alpha…I mean he’s huge and scary” she said.

His mother laughed. “Well, Bernie advocated for Toby. He’s still the Beta for our faction, and he does have a lot of power than most in the clan. You aren’t that far off with that assessment”she said.

She nodded before fidgeted with her fingers under the table. "I know he'll do just fine. There's a reason why they voted for him at a young age instead of Bernie?" she said.

He huffed. "It's just because I was his son" he said.

She shook her head. "I think it's more than just that. You didn't just inherit this. I think they thought it out more carefully than that. I don't know who this Peter is, but he sounds terrible"she said.

Lilian and Toby looked at each other and frowned. "Oh man, He really is, he was the only one with the audacity to say he could do a better job my husband and Bernie. He's just as bad as a human politician. He just wants the status, and not the responsibility.He'll just blame someone else and not admit that he's just incompetent. Bernie was technically the alpha once my husband died,and the Elder’s just allowed a vote to keep the peace. Bernie got all of his supporters to write in Toby’s name on the ballot just to give Peter a slap on the face" she said.

He sighed with frustration. "Yea, Peter’s incredibly narcissistic and a full on misanthropist" he said before he started scarfing down his food like he normal. She watched seeming very stunned at his rate of food consumption. He looked up to see her shocked expression, and his mother’s annoyed expression as he finished. “Sorry” he muttered.

She smiled happily. “It okay, I think it's adorable. I’d like to go on another date with you” she said happily. She started to blush as she realized what she said.

His eye twitched and gulped. "So if we both like each other,Does this mean we’re officially dating then?" he asked.Sasha blushed more as her heart pounded, and his mother smacked herself in the forehead. Sasha struggled to say something, but she wound up nodding sheepishly. His eyes widened as he stared at her with amazement.

"I shouldn't have said that! Now you think I'm crazy!"Sasha said.

He smiled at her. "Meh, I don’t think you’re crazy,but uh…I wasn’t expecting you to say something like that" he said as he tapped his fork on the table. “You aren’t having second thoughts now are you?” he asked.

She blushed. “Well…I kinda am…” she said before she looked up at him worried. "Well…If we are to be dating, I have to warn you that my father is a stereotypical overprotective avid hunter" she warned him.

His eye twitched. "Oh…that's…nice to know…"he said before he slowly finished his meal.

She giggled happily. "I guess a werewolf would put up a better chance than my Ex. At least you run fast and have good reflexes"she said.

He scowled at her. "If you were trying to make a joke, it wasn’t really funny" he said.

His mother smiled. “Speaking of which, why don’t we go and introduce ourselves to her family? We are neighbors aren’t we?” She said.

He whimpered softly. “Are you serious?” he whined.

She laughed at him. “Come on now…you aren’t afraid are you?” she asked as she got up to take his plate.

His eye twitched. “And you aren’t?” she asked.

She snickered. “I’m not dating his daughter now”she said cheekily.

He scowled at her, and Sasha tried her best to repress her own laughter. “Come on, you’re just being silly. You’re a freaking werewolf! Act like one!” she said.

His eye twitched. “And how does one act like?” he asked before his mother grabbed his arm and pulling him out. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Release me!” he shouted.

She laughed. “You’re going!” she said as she dragged him through the living room.

Sasha stared at them. “So, y’all are playing right?”she asked.

His mother nodded. “Well, of course we are” she said as Toby flailed around in her grasp.

“No, I ain’t!” he shouted tugging against her.

“Now, what have I told you about using double negatives?”she scolded him.

Sasha got up and followed them out the door, which his mother let him go, and they walked to her house. He looked back at her smirking.“I’m fine, don’t worry” he said bravely.

As they approached her home, they noticed a significant change since they passed by earlier. A University of Virginia flag hung proudly off one of the posts on the porch. A huge supped up olive heavy duty truck with bumper guards, winch, and a rack was towering over Sasha’s blazer, which Toby started to have second thoughts and slowed up. His mother pushed him towards the house before she knocked on the door.

Sasha’s mother soon answered the door, and she stared at Toby.“Oh…you’re our new…” she said before she caught herself staring. “…Neighbors. Please, come in” she said.

The whole home was decorated in wilderness camouflage furniture and trophy heads mounted on the wall. In the center of the living room was an antler chandelier, and mounted on the fireplace was an old musket. Toby was nudged inside, and Sasha’s dog pawed at the sliding glass door barking up a storm.

The TV was blasting through the house as Sasha’s father watched the evening news. Toby looked up at the TV as it was showing the sports segment. “Another big shake up has stirred up some uncertainty in this week’s big match up between two power house sin High school football. After Tualatin High fired their varsity head coach Wayne Allen for Bjorn Ulrich from Lincoln High, there has been an expect last minute addition to roster switching Jim Henderson, for the great JV Quarterback, Zoe Cooper. What was not expected was the addition of a newcomer, Tobias Wolfgang.

This will be a rematch between Zoe and Jesuit’s Taylor Higgs. You may remember the big fight resulting in Zoe’s suspension and the eventual suspension of several Jesuit players. I expect the offense to be fired up for some payback. The only information we have on Tobias is the State Championship in Soccer, which we won’t know what translates until opening kickoff. Vegas has placed Tualatin as a 10 point underdog against the number one ranked team in the nation. The game has been moved to a Providence Park, and it will air at 7pm pacific time on ESPN.

Today he have a panel of Coaches, Scouters, and Analysts ready to give you predictions and insight onto the new starting lineup changes could pose a potential threat” the news anchor said.

“Nathan! We got company!” Her mother shouted at him.

He turned and looked at Toby before his eyes widened in shock. His son who was also watching looked over, and his eyes widened being star struck. “That’s Tobias! He’s fucking huge!”her father muttered. The father gulped trying to register a proper emotional response at the boy standing nearly a foot taller than him and with almost three times the muscle mass. “Yea…he’s going to murder them…” he muttered to himself. He got up and walked into his garage while his son ran up to him.

The mother sighed. “Sasha! Can you please deal with your dog?”she asked in a firm tone.

Toby smirked. “She just wants in” he said, which Lilian nodded.

Sasha left them, and her brother gawked at Toby. Lilian smiled at Sasha’s mother. “So you only have two kids?” she asked.

Sasha let her dog in, and she pitter-pattered through the kitchen and come around the corner and jumped onto him. Sasha’s mother looked at the dog annoyed. “Makita!” she yelled. Makita wagged her tail as she stood upright using Toby for balance barking happily.

He smiled before he ruffled the dog’s head. “Yes…I missed you too” He said in dog language that no human could even begin to fathom. Toby held his hand out, and she licked it before she got off sitting down in front of him whimpering wanting to play with him.

Her mother and brother were amazed and just watched. “You’re Sasha’s mate?” Makita asked as she gnawed on his hand.Sasha watched the two from the dining room as her dog got along with him wagging her tail and barking happily. “I’m so happy someone finally understands me…you’re a werewolf aren’t you?” Makita asked.

He scratched behind Makita’s ear. “Yes I am, just settle down” He said. His mother nudged at him, and he looked up at everyone staring at him bewildered. “What?” he asked in English.

Her mother’s mouth hung open in disarray. “Makita doesn’t like strangers that much…” she muttered.

Sasha walked up to him and leaned up towards his ear. “You can talk to dogs? What did you say to her? What did she say to you!?”She asked.

He leaned over. “I do communicate with dogs, but it’s not really just talking. It’s all about body language most of the time” he whispered back before he blushed. “Sorry for not acting normal, she looked really stressed out” He muttered.

She nudged him softly. “It’s okay…it is just that,that was the coolest thing I’ve ever saw…I’ll let that slide” she said as she saw her family still trying to assess what had just happened.

Makita watched her master’s interaction with the werewolf, and she wagged her tail into the wall happily. “I’ll only let a werewolf be my master’s mate…at least werewolves are protective over their mates” She said before walking off.

“Makita sure likes you, doesn’t she?” Sasha asked happily.

He nodded. “She wanted your mate to be a werewolf apparently…”He whispered in her ear.

She laughed at this. “Oh, is that why she’s being this nice to you?” She asked.

He snickered to himself. “Yea, I bet I’d be neutered too”He said.

She giggled as she reached for his arm. “Let’s keep this between you and me, but I’m glad you’re a werewolf too”She whispered.

Her father walked back in with supplies and stared at his wife and son. He then looked towards Makita and scowled before he reached for the musket to start cleaning it. Her mother laughed nervously noticing that her husband started sending nonverbal passive-aggressive threats towards Toby. “So, does your son work?” she asked hoping to break the silence.

His mother nodded. “Oh yea! He’s working over at the Zoo.He tends to the wolves there” she said.

Her mother smiled widely. “Oh! I see that he works well with canines” she said before she shot her husband a glare. “Are you seriously doing this right now!?” she scolded him.

Lilian followed her glance before she glared at him after catching sight of the gun. “Are you trying to threaten my son!? My husband was shot to death in a robbery! I almost lost Toby too! I don’t take kindly to threats!” her voice boomed through the house.

Sasha’s father froze with fear while his wife flinched and held her hand up. “No one is threatening anyone here!” she said softly. She shot her husband a death glare, which Sasha and her brother both gulped. Makita hid behind Toby whimpered, while he stared at the ground before Sasha nudged him.

Lilian paused for a moment feeling terrible about yelling. “I’m sorry…I just lost a lot…” she said.

“…no, I’d do the same thing. He’s just being an asshole!” Sasha’s mother interrupted. She gritted her teeth noticing Toby’s thousand yard stare, which her husband noticed it as well. He slowly put the gun back and started rubbing his forehead vigorously. His wife looked back at him as her eye twitched violently. “Ya see what ya did!? You should know better!” she scolded him.

“Hey…” Sasha nudged Toby again.

“Is he going to be okay?” her brother asked.

She grabbed Toby’s hand and pulled him outside, while Makita and her brother tried to follow. “No, Stay inside, Todd!”she raised her voice. Lilian let out a brief sigh of relief as Sasha sat him down on the front lawn facing away from the front door.

Lilian closed the door enough to obstruct the view from outside, but she left it ajar wanting to hear what occurred between the two teens.Sasha watched Toby’s hand transform slightly before she bravely touched it gingerly. “Toby…everything’s fine. That gun doesn’t even work” she spoke to him softly.

Makita sat beside him and whimpered. “Please don’t kill him!” she begged while groomed his ear and neck with her tongue.

He quickly regained control as Sasha wrapped an arm around him and leaned into his shoulder. “Your dog thinks I’m going to kill your father” he said.

Sasha snickered. “Well, mom’s going to beat you to it”she teased before she nuzzled his neck sweetly. “I can’t have you changing into a wolfman in front of my parents” she said before she reached up to touch the sideburns that grew along his jawline. “Um…is this fur or is this hair?” she asked.

He blushed. “Uh…it’s both?” he answered awkwardly as she felt his jawline.

She smiled. “It feels so soft…it’s so weird” she muttered lost in thought. He slowly reverted back to a more normal appearance, but he found that she examined his face. “We’redoes the hair go?” she asked.

He paused for a moment before he tried to make sense of it himself. “Um, well…I guess my body just absorbs it. You know, like what osteoclasts do with bone?” he answered.

She scowled at him skeptically. “So what would you call it then?” she asked.

“Uh…Keratin…err, Keratoclasts…something like that?” he said hoping she would understand.

She smiled. “Oh…interesting” she said as she continued to examine him. “So, Are you just going to add clast to the end of everything?” she asked. He nodded slowly before she shook her head at him. “It makes sense…I guess”she muttered before she started examining his hands.

Her brother snuck out the door and stared at her holding his hand.“What are you doing?” he asked.

She immediately dropped his hand and growled. “I thought I told you to stay inside!” she shouted. Toby stood up and offered his hand out, which she took his hand before he pulled her up to her feet.

Her mother watched them enthusiastically and smiled. “Oh, he’s such a gentleman” she said. She looked towards her husband and sneered. “Do you think so?” she asked.

He stared at Toby intensely as if facing a huge threat. “Yea…”he said sarcastically. He glanced over at his wife and Lilian who were very annoyed with him. “I’m sorry…I didn’t know…” he muttered.

Lilian sighed in frustration. “I’ve taught my son to respect women. I have him under a tight leash, you hear?” she said before she looked towards Sasha’s mother. “Let’s just put this aside and start all over” she said before she cleared her throat. “My name is Lilian and that is my son Toby.I want to welcome you all to the neighborhood” she said.

Sasha’s mother smiled wearily. “My name is Sandy and this is my husband Nathan. This is my son, Todd, and over there is my daughter, Sasha” she said before she gave Nathan an evil glance.

Nathan gulped and reluctantly shuffled his feet over to them as Toby and Sasha walked in. He held his hand out. “I didn’t mean to scare you” he said in a condescending tone. Toby picked upon this, and he nearly crushed Nathan’s hand with ease in the midst of their handshake. Nathan tried to act tough, but everyone heard his hand crackle like bubble wrap. He forced a laugh, but he still rubbed his hand in pain. “Your son has quite the grip”he said.

Lilian grinned with satisfaction, while Sandy rubbed her forehead vigorously. Todd looked over at Sasha and snickered. “So, are we going to go to the game?” he asked.

Sasha grinned. “I sure hope so, I trying to get into the color guard squad” she said eagerly.

Her mother smirked. “I know you can do it!” she said.

Sasha laughed. “I sure hope so” she said before she looked towards Toby and smiled happily.

Her father wondered over to the couch and resumed watching TV as his wife motioned for them all to enter the dining room. “Would you like something to drink? Juice, Tea, Soda?” she said.

Lilian nodded. “Oh, some tea would be very nice” she said.

Toby gulped. “Um…I’m fine thanks” he said as he watched Todd carefully. He sniffed the air and smiled. “Are you cooking venison?” he asked.

Her mother looked at him shocked. “Why yes…yes I am”she said.

Todd grinned. “How’d you know?” he asked.

“I know my food” Toby said proudly.

Sasha nodded. “Toby has a great sense of smell, and he hunts too” she said. Toby’s eyes widened and looked towards her panicked as her father looked over at them from the couch and turned the volume down.

Her mother smirked. “Oh yea? What do you hunt for?” she asked.

Toby gulped. “Uh, you know, just big game…mostly deer”he said nervously.

Her father looked at him skeptically. “Oh yea? What do you hunt with?” he asked.

Toby looked at him oddly. “A bow and arrow…I like the extra difficulty” he said.

Her father smirked. “Yea? Where do y’all hunt then?”he asked.

Toby paused briefly. “Um…Bull Run” he said.

Her father paused before he pulled out his phone as if checking Toby’s story. “Where’s Bull Run? The town or the lake” he asked. Lilian’s eye twitched with annoyance, and Sasha gulped worried of another outburst.

Toby scowled. “The Watershed…You know we don’t stick to one spot. The deer will get wise otherwise” he said.

Her father shot him a leer as he stuffed his phone to the side, but his wife looked over and gave him an even more intimidating glare.“Checking up on a new hunting spot?” she asked. He got up and walked upstairs to start cursing to himself.

Toby stared into the living room. “Uh…I didn’t mean to…” he said lowly.

Her mother shook her head and sighed. “Look, you don’t need to be kissing up to him. Just be respectful and responsible…”she spoke to him firmly. She looked over at his mother and smiled awkwardly. “Now how about that tea?” she asked before she left to boil a kettle of water.

She looked at her son happily. “Hey, why don’t you play Guitar Hero with them while we talk?” she asked.

Sasha beamed with excitement. “Oh, that will be great!”she shrieked. She looked towards Toby and grinned. “Hey Toby…My brother is too good at Guitar hero…he needs to be put into submission” She said before she snickered. “Just don’teat him, that wouldn’t be good” she teased.

“Not one bite? A little one? Just a nibble?” Toby teased.

Sasha looked back. “Race ya” She said before she flew towards out.

Todd freaked out. “Hey no fair!!” he yelled.

Toby darted out and leaped over the couch, and she stopped in astonishment while her brother’s jaw dropped. Toby looked back and snickered. “Nice try…you sneak you” He said.He cocked his head noticing the two of them were staring at him.“What?!” He muttered.

Sasha looked at him sternly as she grabbed his sleeve and pulled him down towards her. “Toby…try to look normal in my house,okay?” she whispered into his ear.

Toby raised an eyebrow. “But I am” He said.

She sighed heavily. “No, you are acting normal for you Toby,not for humans” She scolded.

Toby paused and looked over at Todd who was trying to listen in on their conversation. “Well, how the hell am I supposed to do that?” He asked.

She sighed. “I don’t know” she said before she put her hand up to shield their conversation. “You know you could just let me win for once. You don’t need to show off” she whispered.

He stared at her. “Show off?” he muttered. He gulped and scratched behind his ear. “How can I do that when I was holding back to begin with?” he asked.

She closed her eyes leaning into his chest before she laughed. “Let’s just jam…” she said. She gripped his chest to push him down onto the couch, but she tugged on her shirt. “I’m just going to open up the windows, it’s getting hot” she said.

He noticed her face became flushed and a familiar alluring scent hit his nose. He watched her carefully and his eyes wondered over her body as she opened the windows. Her brother booted up the console and began playing Guitar Hero. Toby snapped out of his primal urges once he heard “Crazy Train” being booming from the speakers.

Sasha turned and bit her lip watching Toby as she walked up to him,but she banged her toe up against the coffee table. “Ow!”she winced as she grabbed her toe.

He looked at her toe in her flip-flop and frowned. “You alright?” he asked with concern.

She nodded. “Yea, yea…I can move it” she said. She hobbled by him and confronted her little brother. “Hey squirt won’t you let us play” She said ruffling his hair.

His eyes were glued to the screen. “Let me finish!” He said really fast.

She looked at back at Toby rolling her eyes at her brother. “Sorry,he likes to show off to everyone” She said nicely.

She touched his shoulder and batted her eyes at him before she sat up against him. He instinctively wrapped an arm around her with a low protective growl, which she began to trace the muscles in his forearm. Makita walked up to them, and she put her paw on his leg. He reached his free hand behind her ear groping her ear gently. Makita jumped onto the couch and rested her head on his lap. “You’re a good Werewolf” she said happily as she licked his palm.

Sasha smiled warmly and looked at them happily. “She absolutely adores you Toby” she said warmly. She shyly rubbed her leg up against his, which he looked into her eyes carefully and smiled back shyly. She cleared her throat. “So how did you manage to get a job at the zoo of all places?” she asked.

He laughed lightly. “Well, you know how I don’t act…normal?” he asked. Sasha nodded. “Well…one of the admins saw one of my many special talents during one of our field trips” he said.

She smiled. “I bet they like you huh?” she asked.

He blushed. “Well…I helped them get comfortable.Apparently after I left, the Alpha pair had a litter. So I got the job…” he said.

She grinned. “Speaking of wolves, you know Makita is father was half wolf?” she asked.

He chuckled “I can see some wolf in her…” he said.

Todd finished with his song and looked back at Toby and Makita.“What’s with Makita?” he muttered.

Sasha smiled and reached in to ruffle Makita’s ears. “Makita made a new friend” she said. Makita let out a loud contented yawn.

He glanced over at her brother and smirked. “So can I play now?” He asked him calmly.

Her brother relinquished the guitar controller to him before he stood up and adjusted the strap. Her brother sat on the floor next to her,and he grinned. “So is he any good?” he asked.

She smirked back at him cheekily. “I heard he’s very good” she said eagerly.

Toby selected the same song, but he picked the hard difficulty level.Her brother’s jaw dropped. “Are you sure you want to play on hard?” He asked in disbelief, which Toby looked back smirking evilly as he then switched it to expert level. Her brother smirked back at him. “Come on, you’re not that good”he said.

He shrugged and continued on, and as he got one minute into the song,she and her brother stared at the screen in astonishment. Makita lifted her head up and crawled over to lay her head against her master’s leg. Once he was finished, there was nothing left of her brother’s old record with an astronomical score.

Her brother got up and smirked. “You want to do a band?”He asked.

Toby looked at Sasha happily. “How about it? One song?”He asked.

She smiled. “Okay, who’s got drums?” she asked.

He frowned. “I suck at drums” he said.

“I got it!” her Brother said eagerly.

“I call Main guitar!” Toby and Sasha both said at once.The two gasped, and Sasha growled before seeing Toby made a perfect puppy dawg face.

Sasha huffed. “Fine” She said giving into the cuteness.

“Yay!” Toby shouted happily.

Soon her father walked back down the stairs and looked at the three having fun. He walked passed them into the dining room where his wife looked at him sternly as he sat down at the table. “Give him a chance” she said softly.

He sighed heavily and looked over at Toby worried. “I just can’t give her up” he muttered. He looked back at her and frowned. “Alright…” he said halfheartedly.

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Our heroine goes home with our newly discovered werewolf, and now she's curious as to what these werewolves were really like. Her investigation turns into a consensus that they were officially a dating each other. So, our heroine takes her date home to introduce him, and drama unfolds.

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