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 Hi, my name's Courtney, a female 17 year old American.

Art's kind of meh passion, I've first started drawing people when I was 12, and like every beginner I was a little...sloppy. And the person who had taught me how to draw was my big sister - until she quit on me and I had to self teach myself. IT WAS FUN.

I am also a writer, the first story I wrote and published (before deleting) was a yaoi. Where it revolved around this little Uke and two semes were after him, one normal and the other an Incubus. And I got rather bored with it, tried revising before it all went onto my bookshelf. And now I'm trying to write a story that I hope will become a webcomic in the future.

And if you knew me well enough you will find me as a passive aggressive, perverted, energetic girl that you may come to love or not.

I'm also Bisexual and a supporter to L.G.B.T and the Furry community.

Come speak to me if want to rp, need advice, or just wanna talk I'll be sure to check out your messages.

Also Cecil is my fursona and she will not age until I am 19. Thank you.


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Dangerous School Drama (04/28/2017)

|||So, I am at home during a school day, a day that is mandatory for tomorrow is prom. The reason? A *bleeping* idiot threatening my school! Now from where I live my town is small and is VERY close to each other, a tight nit family as other small towns can be. We RARELY see anything that disturb...
28/04/2017 16:50
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Goldfish Problems

Here's a little story from when I was younger. So when I starting out in my individual care of a creature my parents used to let me own goldfish (I'm now into betas) and they, or my older sister, would help me set up the tank (water and all). So I would have these fish and it would be all happy ...
16/01/2017 04:22


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Carol Novice

Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Taurus
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Miss C
A sassy feline to not be messed with.
24/12/2016 19:07

Oliver Petrov

Male · Lynx · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Ozzy, Pet
Single 20 years old
01/10/2016 00:10


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Foxy Flapper posted to Cecil

18/11/2016 18:11

Thank you for faving Arthur and Guinevere!

Flint Locke posted to Cecil

23/09/2016 01:14

Thanks for the fav!

Duo Theus posted to Cecil

03/06/2016 17:16

~slaps the furs butt~ Everyone gets at least one, and thanks for the subscription wooooooo!

Cecil · 03/06/2016 20:50 · 1 Reply

gah-!? Oh? O-okay?

Duo Theus · 04/06/2016 06:38

Tis a friendly gesture (see character profile)

Ty Wolvington! · 15/07/2016 00:42

Thanx for the subscription, lil' bunny! I'll assume you read Ty's bio. I would love to start an rp session with you soon! Is that OK with you?

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