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When he was young little Petrov thought the entirety of the world was as beautiful as his town in America, he grew up with a loving family; his parents gave to him what he wanted and he loved playing with his three siblings. Sadly, all beauty could not let such a sweet time continue, for as long as it had, the 18 years of his life had ended when his left eye turned sick. It was an infection, if it had been caught and treated sooner maybe he would've been able to continue seeing, but it wasn't the case. He was left blind and saw the world as only half to which it was. But it didn't last for as long, he still had hope that things would be better, he learned that he could trust himself to freak out when someone went into his blind spot. He continued to be happy, even when life got him down, but there are always moments when he looks in the mirror and see his eye as it is. Useless.


1.81 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 11.25 Inches

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20 years old

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