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Dangerous School Drama (04/28/2017)

|||So, I am at home during a school day, a day that is mandatory for tomorrow is prom. The reason? A *bleeping* idiot threatening my school! Now from where I live my town is small and is VERY close to each other, a tight nit family as other small towns can be. We RARELY see anything that disturb...
28/04/2017 16:50
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Goldfish Problems

Here's a little story from when I was younger. So when I starting out in my individual care of a creature my parents used to let me own goldfish (I'm now into betas) and they, or my older sister, would help me set up the tank (water and all). So I would have these fish and it would be all happy ...
16/01/2017 04:22
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I'm so HAPPY!! My ban from Quotev is gone, and I think I know why! The entire day I had no internet! When my mother fixed it I was at first just watching family guy, before doing my daily lookout to see if Quotev unblocked me. Whatever happened I'm back to being on it~!
06/01/2017 23:48
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Free Art

Well...I don't really know what to do with my spare time - and after next week I'll be having even more free time because of X-mas break. So I just wanted to try this...and it's going to be like, first come first serve because this is my first time doing this. An amateur kind of thing, I'm not ev...
18/12/2016 03:45
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A Love Poem By Cecil

He makes me smile, when my mood depletes. Because he is oh so sweet. When I go into boredom. I can never ignore him. Though he may act funny. I will always be his bunny. Though this is a confession. I hope it wins his affection. He will always be my fox. No matter how many it shocks. I love you P...
18/12/2016 00:51

Rp in Gaia

Hey guys, C.M. (I've recently realized that I made sure Cecil Montgomery matched my first and last initial :) ), have been on this website known as http://www.gaiaonline.com/ {http://www.gaiaonline.com/}. It may not be much but it has a vast world of people tat have joined. But back to a little b...
12/12/2016 19:59
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Dear Everyone

I am dead, good bye. *falls over* *springs back up* IS THERE ANYWHERE I CAN ROLE PLAY IN! I CAN'T DO THESE MESSAGING, FORUM POST, OR NOTES ANYMORE! You know why I liked Quotev?! You can find any fandom in it and you could rp it! I really want to get back into it! I don't want to do message rp's b...
08/12/2016 23:46
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My Mom

Okay, so it is normally best to not whine about your family, at all, but MANY people have a good reason for doing it! And I WOULD normally write it down in my diary but my mom goes through my stuff and last time she read and than shouted at me for them. (I ripped them out after). So my room CAN'T...
04/12/2016 18:24


I'm pretty sure most of you don't know this website, but I do, it was a wonderful place for me to go too when I was 11 to the age I am now. And than I was disabled from going on there and making a new account on there. Quotev is unfair about treating their loyal followers of the cite but with the...
30/11/2016 14:41
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Please...Help Me

A cite that I used for 5 years...it blocked me, it blocked me...it's called Quotev, I was called 'Lopunny' on there. All of my accounts are GONE, gone. They made it so I couldn't use them anymore, I was kicked off of the cite. My love my love for this cite is ruined...I'm just going to curl up an...
30/11/2016 04:11
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The Return

Hey guys, I uploaded a couple new drawings and I'M TOTALLY BACK, I've just been letting myself get with the drawing and doing the bases, practicing a bit, has really helped my creativity flow back through me. I'm hoping that I can soon make male characters with them but for now I can only do fema...
10/09/2016 00:26
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The Charcoal Kit

So today, as a small recap to this, I went to Walmart, where I got Charcoal Kit. Earlier in the day my mom and my sister went and came back from Walmart, my mom bought jeans and shirts, the jeans I got were to small and so they went to my other sister. Later in this day my mom called me up, I wa...
03/08/2016 02:30

My New Style

So in my last entry I told everyone, all of you, that I was quitting with being anthro artist, that does not mean I'm quitting with being an artist at all. In fact I am shifting my work to a completely different side of artistry. And that's called being a Base Artist. To which I will make these b...
30/07/2016 22:30
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Quitting with being an Anthro Artist

I couln't think of a better title for this but yes, I'm done with creating things, especially since I've been in a stump where I can't draw my anthro's, the latest one that I had finished some time ago was for my oc, Rachel, and she will be uploaded in a soon or later date. So I've been in a stum...
29/07/2016 02:19