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Dangerous School Drama (04/28/2017)

Published: 28/04/2017 16:50
So, I am at home during a school day, a day that is mandatory for tomorrow is prom. The reason? A *bleeping* idiot threatening my school!

Now from where I live my town is small and is VERY close to each other, a tight nit family as other small towns can be. We RARELY see anything that disturbs this place because of that. And no this threat didn't come from a stranger it came from a STUDENT of my school.

So people know all about snap chat, right? Sometime yesterday a student said that they were going to shoot up the school and people that knew about it before they posted to not come to school or go to the hiding places. So some knew that this would happen (one of them even got onto a teachers computer to warn that student to not come) but didn't report it when they heard it.

So this is what had happened when I'd come to school, one of the deans walked onto the bus and said "all high school students report to the commons" and I thought to myself 'huh, this is weird' other students were confused in this as well. Coming into the commons, passing by students being written off to go back home, I start hearing the tale of a student reported that they were going to shoot the school. And for people who know me around I am known to get a panic attack at troubling situations, so I was having a hard time keeping my heart from beating fast and crying because that leads to hyperventilation.
My sister asks someone to borrow their phone to call our mom, she dials it in and hands me the phone. So I'm telling my mom what's going on and to pick us up, since it's most likely few students will stay. And she thinks that I'm panicking due to me needing to talk loudly because other students are talking, I wasn't. She says she's with my other sister at her doctors appointment and won't be around to pick us up for a while. I say alright and hang up, so it's a waiting game now.
The dean comes on telling us that remained to go to our first period classes, bell rings and we go. I go into my class and there's only one other student and my teacher just puts on the 'Ant Bully' movie. Other student checks out and I remain, waiting.
It wasn't till 9:10 (bell rang at 8:15) that another announcement came for students AND teachers to come to the commons for an update. They say prom is still going to happen but with more security to keep those attending safe. They than decide that students had the choice to either go to the gym and play around with the equipment, or go into the library to watch a movie. Me and my sister chose to go into the media center and the movie was Moana. I sat next to my 9th grade English teacher because she has never seen the movie and I just WANT to hear her reactions to it. (It was very funny actually.)
When around the time Moana is trying to lead her people in the start of the movie me and my sister gets checked out. We go out through the office and my mom had asked if I could still go to prom, and it was a yes and she asked to be sure that I am able to go. We go to the car and see my baby sister and another of my sisters (they both attend middle school) is there because my mom doesn't feel right to leave just one of us at school. I than got to see the snap chat that started it all and me and my sister (the one that goes to high school with me) talk about this situation with my mom.
We get home and my mom gets her things together for work and leaves.

So that is the reason why I am home during a school day, just because some *bleep* thinks they're so funny by posting a dangerous thing. It's not funny it has people on edge because of it because if it's any threat (real or fake) they treat is just as it is and that person will be persecuted for it. Do not be an IDIOT, especially when it's around an important date.
Bran · 28/04/2017 17:00 · 2 Replies

Stay safe girly! People are idiots :| but dont let that ruin your good times! I didnt even go to prom haha.. but you have a good time and let us know that it went good, ok? c:

Cecil · 28/04/2017 17:03

I'll keep you guys posted for tomorrow night! You never know I might actually post my prom picture for you guys to see how I looked!

Bran · 28/04/2017 17:09

:O oh boy oh boy!

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