Päiviö is the lead vocalist, bassist, pianist, keyboardist, and harmonica player of heavy metal band Our Fragile Echo. She is known for her dark, foreboding, often frightening, and intense stage performances and an edgy personality on stage, but offstage she is pretty chill despite her seemingly dark personality. She is also strongly loyal to her boyfriend Kullervo, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist in her band, and would do nothing to ruin their relationship.

Musical Style

Päiviö has been noted by critics for exploring a variety of genres as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Our Fragile Echo, primarily heavy metalgothic metalhorror punksymphonic metaldoom metalshock rockthrash metal, and death rock. The band has also been noted for using elements of music borrowed from post-hardcoremelodic death metalpost-rocknu metalscreamoalternative rockpost-metalsymphonic black metalpagan metalanarcho-punkmelodic hardcorerock and roll, hard rockhardcore punkgroove metalpower metalmetalcoreextreme metalcrossover thrashindustrial metalthrashcoredark ambientindustrialelectronicaclassicalexperimental rockprogressive rockgoth-popdungeon synth, and gothic rock.

As a solo artist, Päiviö's musical style has been described as country rockrockabillySouthern rockblues rockrock and rolloutlaw countryclassic rockroots rockcountry punkalternative country, and gothic western with heavy influence taken from Finnish folk music.


Päiviö cites countless bands and musicians as influences, most notably Metallica, Evanescence, Nightwish, Black Veil Brides, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Motionless in White, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Beatles, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, Falling in Reverse, Queen, Hollywood Undead, Ice Nine Kills, Nine Inch Nails, Blink-182, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Tiamat, The Pretty Reckless, Within Temptation, Rise Against, Rage Against The Machine, Papa Roach, Deftones, Slipknot, Godsmack, Nirvana, P.O.D., Of Mice & Men, From Ashes to New, Cannibal Corpse, Venom, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Dolly Parton, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Janis Joplin, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, and Joan Jett.

As a solo country rock artist, her influences include Hank Williams III, Aerosmith, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Band Perry, George Strait, Those Poor Bastards, and Carrie Underwood.

Stylistically, musically, and thematically she is influenced by classical music, classic rock and roll, early heavy metal, shock rock bands, gothic culture, country music, horror movies, issues that the real world faces, straight edge, and traditional Finnish culture.

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