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Hey my name's tia and i kinda just draw my oc a lot


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So for this Toxy {/FuntimeTox453} person i just want to speak with you for a few seconds because my friend Split {/The_banana_splits} told me what you said to her i just wanted you to know she didn't actually mean anything she said in the journals and she didn't mean anything she said to you eith...
6 days ago


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Lucybus posted to Pastel-Dollie-guts

5 days ago

(Just letting you know that Toxy decided to diss your OC as well as mine, Split’s and Toxic’s OCs. Just letting you know so that you don’t explode.)

Signed, Lucybus

Pastel-Dollie-guts · 5 days ago

oh...oh my god thank you for telling me

Hazel posted to Pastel-Dollie-guts

1 week ago

i'm really thankful for the fave! :D i hardly get any interactions on this site so it feels so nice someone finally notices me on here! ^w^