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Published: 3 weeks ago

So for this Toxy person i just want to speak with you for a few seconds because my friend Split told me what you said to her i just wanted you to know she didn't actually mean anything she said in the journals and she didn't mean anything she said to you either but you decided it be smart to call her a fat bitch just so you know she's dealing with a breakup and was venting out the negative feelings which is why she said all of that but no you just can't take a joke all of her journals were satire okay she never told you that but it's true but you just had to call her a fat bitch didn't you how do you think that affected her? you probably don't even care about how it made her feel but i do hope you see this im not going to let this go until you explain yourself. and i will not let you treat my friend like this it doesn't matter okay she went through a lot of bad things she was even abused as a child she has trust issues i really care about her and i will not let this go until you explain and i don't care if you meant to say all of those horrible things but she's my friend and i will not tolerate this. and i mean it.

Toxy · 3 weeks ago


Toxy · 3 weeks ago · 1 Reply

Tell her im an idiot and that im very sorry

Pastel-Dollie-guts · 3 weeks ago

well i spoke with her an hour ago and she said she'll forgive you.

Toxy · 3 weeks ago

Im a moron who deserves to be slapped....

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