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I hope you like it ^w^

I love how I draw the pose. They look cute and here we are with Wildfire teasing Poison for being Bi and having a crush on him. So he obviously will tease him about it. Poison had enough this time, he bit his finger so hard thought ^^: (Even though Poison secretly likes being teased by Wildfire)

PS: Poison is a little guy >w< 
PPS: If you wondered the yellow teeth is because of they both smoke. (just a realistic detail)

Wildfire: *hugs Poison from behind*
Poison: " What the...Wildfire..?? O//O "
Wildfire: “Roses are red violets are blue, you like it up the ass let me help you~" *grins*
Poison: *bites his thumb very hard it begins to bleed* gosh freaking....damn you Wildfire!!!! *grrrrr**blushes deeply red*

Wildfire/Poison/Artwork © Peacegirllisa 

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