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I hope you like it ^w^

I recently have bought a machine to make buttons/pins. So now I can make them and design buttons. I love buttons myself and have a little collection of other artists buttons I bought at conventions. So hopefully soon I can do that same.

So here are my test buttons. One is of my chibi sonic and the other is the Pink sonic. So you know jumping on the bandwagon.
But honestly pink sonic is just adorable and I love the colour pink myself so why not ^w^

If you feel like wanted to commission me to make buttons, you can. Go here to check the sizes and more :https://www.queenofheartscreations.be/buttons.html Or you can order immediately by going here: https://goo.gl/forms/h1IGoZEO3tp416l03

Artwork © Peacegirllisa

Sonic © SEGA

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