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Well, hey there! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to stay as interesting as possible while you're here. ;)

Generally, I draw in all kinds of media. My "Quick Info" says I'm a Traditional Artist, but I can do digital media, too. My webcomic (which, admittedly, hasn't been horribly active lately, but can be found here: switched from traditional media to digital after its 2nd chapter.

From time to time, I dabble in music. I'm no good with instruments apart from some basic percussion, but I like to imagine I'm a decent singer. :) Maybe I'll post a few tunes sometime. Though, eventually, I'm hoping to record some original stuff again, I've also recorded a few cover songs. Not sure what this site is capable of yet, but if I can post music files here, I'll show it off. :)

I do make myself available to for commission work from time to time. Though, for the moment, I'm swamped and attempting to catch up on a number of commissions. So, until that's taken care of, I will not be taking anything new on.

If you'd like to find out more about me, feel free to ask. I'm an open book, though I do have a habit of taking some time to get back to people. My RL job can be kinda demanding sometimes.

Thanks again for comin'! Seeya 'round! :)


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Wandering Trials - 2/27/16

New Page Is Up!! {} Go Read!! :D
28/02/2016 04:16

STREAMING - The Twilight316 Zone - 9/20

Back at it! Tonight, I'll be inking and then possibly moving on to the next Wandering Trials page, 'cuz it's high time I move that story along! Not sure how long I'll be at it. But, I'll be on for a bit. Come hang out! :) I'll see you... in The Twilight316 Zone {}.
20/09/2015 22:37


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Knightonworks posted to Pegasus316

02/08/2015 00:03

Hey,  thanks for the watch too,  again still love your style and your comic looks interesting too 

Pegasus316 · 02/08/2015 08:13

Thanks! It needs some attention, seeing as it's been so long since I updated last. Hoping to rectify that a bit this week if I can help it.

Knightonworks · 03/08/2015 01:00

Oh nice,  I'll be keeping an eye on it.  Hehe.