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Hello all furballs, and welcome to my account. My sona is Penumbra the wolf, as you can tell. I'm just a small time anthro sketch artist who specializes in headshots


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Male · Sergal · Sagittarius
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Nicknames Pherry
A normally easy going and fun loving Sergal, Pherus spends his time doing sketches of his surroun...
31/12/2016 00:58


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Male straight wolf with a mainly gray and white coat with light blue detailing along the body and...
30/11/2016 05:03


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Species: cat
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Species: Cabbit
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Karpish posted to Penumbra

09/01/2017 03:20

Psst. Hey. Hey you...

Thanks for the sub and the fav!

It was karping sweet of you to like my stuff.

Here, have a sub back!

Penumbra posted

01/12/2016 02:16

I realize my submissions have been coming in crooked, along with everything else. I'll be working on a solution to this issue, thanks

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