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-- WIP but how dare there is no dinosaur option for species BC --


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Working My Way Through.

I still got 43 more pics and I can only upload in batches because my attention starts to fray so badly after awhile. After that tho, might move here because goddamn, FA is still in read-only mode. Gotta love it.
22/05/2016 01:59


Miranda Knowles posted to Pepper

22/05/2016 03:28

I love your stuff dude!!! Its awesome! Would you mibd if we did a trade? I only do traditional tho.

Pepper · 22/05/2016 16:55

Ahhh, thank you! ;; Unfortunately, no trades at the moment. I'm in a place between trying to build up a roster of artstuff for portfolio and also doing commission work, but maybe another time ;w;

Miranda Knowles · 22/05/2016 19:04

Alrighty. It's fine just message me when you can.

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