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Hello I am a 25 year old autistic furry, I been in the fandom for 6 years, My fursonas are a chubby Lop Eared rabbit, Cow and a Queen Honeybee and a hybrid mid pre evolution elephant mammoth, I love horror and dark things and I am a goth ((only like to wear the clothes)) I owe two fursuits ((nebet and clarabelle)) going to get a third then that's it for my mains ((since I only have three)) I live in the isle of wight Ryde UK.

I have way too many characters to upload onto here ((which are non furry)) so check them out here in my toyhouse


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Joshywooful posted to PhoenixLotusJewel

08/09/2017 14:54

Thanks for joining South East England Furs!

PhoenixLotusJewel · 09/09/2017 10:12

No worries :)

If anyone wants to message me to chat or whatever do not be afraid too :3 I love talking to new people ^^ ((even if shy))

Hello, lovely to meet you all.