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Phoenix Baldwin : He/Him : Taken : 19

I'm a student at the Laguna College of Art and Design, majoring in Game Art.

I love original species! A lot of what you'll see me post is regarding the original planet I've been developing since high school. X)

Feel free to message me to ask about commissions and Art Trades! :)

School status: Semester 3 Begins August 28th!


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Holding an Art Raffle on my FurAffinity account~

Hey there, for anyone who has a FurAffinity account as well and would like some free art, I've got a raffle up on my account. ^^ Just gotta drop me a watch and enter on the journal entry (remember to read the journal first!) {https://www.furaffinity.n...
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Species: panda-bear
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Species: hyena
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How do ya do that ombre of colors on your text?

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago

Haha, I essentially important that text from my FurAffinity account. The coding I used for it was [ color = (Color Hex Code) ]

Of course, without the spaces, and the color hex code I found on my photoshop palette though I'm sure they wouldn't be hard to find online either. :3 The hex code is a # followed by a few letters and/or numbers.

thatBADfolf · 1 month ago · 3 Replies

Thank ya!

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago

No prob! Have fun! :p

thatBADfolf · 1 month ago

tho how many characters in the code? 

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago

Should be six I think. For example, #1275ba

thatBADfolf · 1 month ago

what color code did you use for your profile descrription?

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago

I used a bunch of different ones to get that gradient. XD I used a red one, a red-orange, a yellow-orange... If you're looking to get different color codes I'd recommend this site here:

thatBADfolf · 1 month ago

the code isn't working see

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago

Take out the parentheses. ^^ And where you want the color to end, add in [ / color ] without spaces.

thatBADfolf · 1 month ago · 1 Reply

Thanks ya! 

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 1 month ago