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Pricing and Service Survey!!

Hey guys! ^^ Hoping for some help, for anyone who's willing to spare a few minutes! It'sthe start of a new year, and I'm super pumped. I got my first commission work this past year, and thanks to all of your guys's help, I've been able to grow a lot since as an artist! I feel like I owe a lot to...
05/01/2018 19:20

Reference Sheet Raffle on my FurAffinity Account!!

Go here to enter: {}
23/11/2017 20:05
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HUGE Specials for Returning Commissioners (Closed!)

It's the second week of my big "Giving Thanks" month! This week is dedicated to my returning commissioners, who have a chance to pick up some highly discounted art this weekend. You guys are amazing, and you forever have my gratitude for supporting me. These discounts are all yours - you won't be...
10/11/2017 03:34
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**This event is for new watchers, and watchers who haven't gotten art from me before! If you've commissioned me before or received free art from me in the past, don't worry! Other November events are planned for you too!** That's right! EVERY new watcher and watcher who hasn't received art from ...
03/11/2017 04:18

Holding an Art Raffle on my FurAffinity account~

Hey there, for anyone who has a FurAffinity account as well and would like some free art, I've got a raffle up on my account. ^^ Just gotta drop me a watch and enter on the journal entry (remember to read the journal first!) {https://www.furaffinity.n...
12/08/2017 18:41