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Pricing and Service Survey!!

Published: 11 months ago

Hey guys! ^^ Hoping for some help, for anyone who's willing to spare a few minutes!

It'sthe start of a new year, and I'm super pumped. I got my first commission work this past year, and thanks to all of your guys's help, I've been able to grow a lot since as an artist! I feel like I owe a lot to all of ya who support me on this page, whether it's just by favoriting my work, commenting, or commissioning me. And because of that, I don't want to come out of the blue and say I'm raising prices without first asking everyone's input!

That's right, I'm leaving it totally in your guys' hands whether or not prices go up this year! IF everyone votes on a price raise, I won't do so until January 12. Why? ;w;......'cos it's my birthday.

One more note, if you've let me know formally or even just casually that you're planning to commission me in the future, any price changes will not affect you until you've already gotten what you told me you were planning to get. That means if you've pointed at a commission type I do and yelled at me, "HEY I'M GONNA DO THIS BUT I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY YET!" then I've already got that in mind, and I'll keep you at my current prices until you get that thing you said you'd get however long ago!! ^^ So no stressing out, aighty? I understand the holidays have just passed, and I ain't looking to send anyone into a panic. xD

Okay! So, without further ado, the form can be found here:

There's only 4 required questions in the whole thing (and they're multi choice)! The rest is totally up to you and whether ya have the time to give me a little extra feedback! :3

A huge thank you, again, to everyone who's been supporting me this past year! It's really amazing to be able to contribute to my household for the first time, and I'm finally confident that I'll have the funds for next semester's class supplies! I look forward to doing a lot more art for you all in the future!!

Madame Sparx · 11 months ago · 2 Replies

Personally, I think you should up your prices. You put a lot of time and effort into your work, and people taking advantage of that wouldn't be fair. I wouldn't charge below minimum wage per each hour of work. Best of luck! ^.^

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 11 months ago

Many thanks! :3

Madame Sparx · 11 months ago

Tis not a problem at all :3

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