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Phew! Here we are, thirty seven stickers done over just three days!! ^^ It was a wonderful way to kick off November without a doubt, and just makes me all the more excited for the other events I'll be hosting this month! Keep a sharp eye out, this is just the beginning!!

Another huge thanks to everyone who participated - it was really cool seeing the wide variety of characters you all have! I was drawing an awful lot of unique creatures for the first time, and I had a blast. Each of the lovely stickers above belongs to their respective owners here on FA as well as Furiffic!

I lost. · 06/11/2017 08:20 · 2 Replies

So many users 

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 06/11/2017 08:24

Every time I finished a sticker there'd be two more users with their ref sheets posted. X') It was chaos heheh  

I lost. · 06/11/2017 08:33

Poor burb 

Madame Sparx · 06/11/2017 09:10 · 1 Reply

All of these turned out wonderfully, and so many unique characters :o I don't think I've seen such a diverse batch, in awhile.

Phoenix-of-Starlight · 06/11/2017 14:34

Me neither! :P It was really cool opening up each new reference sheet, so many of the characters were species I've never drawn before~

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