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hi there, my name is Angela, My Birthday is on the 12th April 1984. That makes my
star sign Aries, and my Chinese Zodiac, Year Of The Rat. Nature and
wildlife fascinates me a lot. I draw mainly cartoon and anime style but I
really would love to improve realism. I like different styles of food
such as, Chinese, Japanese, Porteguese, Italian and so on.

I love to draw read and write, I'm not good at either, but it's my hobby
and I do it for fun. I have been drawing since I was 2 years of age. So
yeah Drawing has been a life long interest of mine. I started
attempting short stories from the age of 16, but I feel I need further
improvement. I just find it fun drawing your own characters and writing
your own stories about them, or ones that exist already Imagination is
everything just remember that! It's one of the best things we were
gifted with.

I love animals so much such as birds cats and dogs. All animals are my
favorites, I especially am a fan of wild dogs, I love the big cats lions
tigers pumas etc. I hate animal abuse it's just wrong.

My favorite animes/mangas include Magister negi magi
negima,Digimon,pokemon,angelic layer,blackcat,bleach,tokyo mew mew. My
favourite cartoons are Kappa Mikey, Spongebob squarepants,Bakugan,as
told by ginger,high high puffy Ami Yumi,brandy and Mr whiskers,Phineas
and ferb,Sabrina the animated series. and many more to name I just can't
think of others at the moment. My favorite childhood cartoons is
Thunder Cats and Teenage mutant ninja turtles. My favorite cartoon to
date is My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic I also love Disney.Favorite
cartoons include, Brandy and Mr Whiskers, Tarzan(tv series) and Lilo
& stitch(tv series). Any animation that has a really interesting
storyline and or characters is worth watching. same thing goes for
books. The story has to be really gripping. if it's not then I'll
probably throw the darn book at the wall..

I absolutely love to make friends, it's very heartwarming to me. I'd
rather be a friend, than be an enemy. I live with too much stress and
worry in life to bother about little trolls and bullies. I'm always
looking to meet people, from around the world. I find learning about
different countries and cultures fascinating, so don't be shy I don't


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