Miss Rina the Cabbit is feeling Determined
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I've been wanting to do this for a little bit, so here goes!

I want to temporarily close up shop to revamp some things and get some personal stuff done, but... I also would really, *really* like to play Animal Crossing New Horizons-- But I had this idea before the game came out! I originally planned on closing up after my last commission, but the game is currently very, very tempting - So, I would like to get the money to buy it (60 USD) and then I can close things up

I will not be accepting commissions less than 15 USD - My prices and what is available to commission have been changed to reflect that

3 headshots - 15 USD
1 headshot, 1 halfbody - 15 USD
2 halfbodies - 20 USD
1 fullbody - 15 USD
Ref sheet - 20 USD
Stickers/Talksprites - 7 USD per sticker (Minimum 3, which is 21 USD)

I will do SFW, NSFW, and I am willing to mimick artstyles as long as it's considered fanart (such as Animal Crossing, Undertale, Rick & Morty, etc. But I will not copy the artstyle of other non-industry artists)

My form is available here: https://forms.gle/E9krUK2ZhNQXA9WeA
You can also message me on Twitter at twitter.com/pirooky or send me a Friend Request & Message Me on Discord at Miss Rina#9136

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