Pixal the Foxena is feeling Nostalgic
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Welcome to my page!

There's not much here right now, that means the Foxena is busy making his den.


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Bored, streaming while I draw

Bored and drawing the second page of "Revenge" so if you wanna watch, go for it!
9 months ago
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Furries in East England

Literally going on on a bout of tired morning curiosity here to see if any furs on here are from the eastern area of England, this is purely because I haven't really found any that are, not that this is a problem but it's a pure curiosity of mine to see how many furs might be in the same sort of ...
10 months ago


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Viyka Fall

Role-playing No
8 months ago

Pixal (Fursona)

Male · Foxena · Pansexual · Scorpio
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Nicknames Pix, Pixie, PixFox
10 months ago


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Species: wolf
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Species: wolf
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Feralmoonlight posted to Pixal

8 months ago

Yo yo Pixal! ♥ Ya found me XD you go some nice stuff here! Thanks for subscribing btw :3

Pixal · 8 months ago

I'm a good finder ;D ♥ 
Really love your artwork Feral, thank you also! I'm glad you like some of the stuff I got :3 
Can't wait to see more x

Feralmoonlight · 8 months ago

Gradually posting all my old art on here until March 1st so a steady stream of art incoming for now XD

Pixal · 8 months ago

ooooh awesome!

Foxy Flapper posted to Pixal

8 months ago

Thanks for the fave!

Pixal · 8 months ago · 2 Replies

loving the oriental art! I showed my relative (she is from asia) and she also said it was exceptional! X3

Foxy Flapper · 8 months ago

Thank you-I'm glad you both like it!

Pixal · 8 months ago


Duo Theus posted to Pixal

8 months ago

Thanks for the fave mate

Pixal · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

ofc! :) well deserved~

Duo Theus · 8 months ago


Pixal · 8 months ago


Foxy Flapper posted to Pixal

8 months ago

Thank you for the subscription!

Pixal · 8 months ago · 2 Replies

Of course! I love the art and the musical history themes are pure brilliance!!

Foxy Flapper · 8 months ago

Thank you! More to come soon!

Pixal · 8 months ago

Can't wait :)

jax_cottontail posted to Pixal

8 months ago

THanks for the faves!

Pixal · 8 months ago

Your art is great ! ^^

jax_cottontail · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

I am really happy you like it!

Pixal · 8 months ago


HowSplendid posted to Pixal

10 months ago

thanks for subscribing and the fav!

Pixal · 10 months ago

Of course! :) Well deserved!

TangentTheWolfy posted to Pixal

29/06/2016 06:40

Ho boy I have so much I wanna say and ask of you :D Originally, I was just gonna tell you that I was browsing around and noticed that you are sorta open to roleplaying (with friends,) and I wanted to invite you to our roleplaying group, just maybe to check it out and see if youre interested, (still applies. Roleplay is good for the soul.) Then, I snooped a lil more and saw youre a musician too and I wanted to ask about that. Do you write songs, or just cover stuff? Are you in a band? Is there any way I can hear anything you play? Im sorry that Im being super creepy.. Its very early in the morning here, (4:30 am) and I got intrigued. I also wanted to ask about all the stuff youve written. Where else can we check your writing out? Alright alright Im done creepin now.. Ill leave a link to the roleplay group just in case you get curious and wanna check it out c:https://www.furiffic.com/~Welcome-all-Roleplayers.50/overview

Pixal · 18/07/2016 23:00

Hey there, sorry I have taken so long to respond to you, please drop me a message and we can talk from there :)

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