Pixal the Foxena is feeling Sleepy
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Bored, streaming while I draw

Bored and drawing the second page of "Revenge" so if you wanna watch, go for it!
25/11/2016 02:09
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Furries in East England

Literally going on on a bout of tired morning curiosity here to see if any furs on here are from the eastern area of England, this is purely because I haven't really found any that are, not that this is a problem but it's a pure curiosity of mine to see how many furs might be in the same sort of ...
28/10/2016 03:33
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Unsure of what to write.

I wish to write a fur-fiction, I have done many in the past but feel I want to begin anew here, so I would like to know what sort of genre I should write, I will then pick the one which is said the most; this does not mean your choice however is disregarded as I may use it at a later date :3
23/05/2016 20:16