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Furries in East England

Published: 28/10/2016 03:33

Literally going on on a bout of tired morning curiosity here to see if any furs on here are from the eastern area of England, this is purely because I haven't really found any that are, not that this is a problem but it's a pure curiosity of mine to see how many furs might be in the same sort of area as myself not that I actually go out looking for other furries on some wild expedition, I just haven't really met another furry in my area yet unless there is a secret handshake I have no clue about :') (by area I mean the vicinity of my town and county essex etc, not the entirety of east england x3)

Bran · 28/10/2016 05:19 · 1 Reply

I shake hands with furries by touching butts

Pixal · 28/10/2016 12:06


Tea · 28/10/2016 13:29 · 2 Replies

There are LOAAADDDSSS of furries over that way!
England is jam packed with furries honestly, it's pretty great.
Have a looksee at ukfur.org, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of meets around the east :) Or if you're not into forums, er, I guess there are probably facebook groups? (Londonfurs, Essex furs, I dunno, I've never looked!)

But if you mean here on this website, I'm not much help there! I'm over in the west, heh.

Pixal · 29/10/2016 08:09

Essexfurs will be a good looker, I've seen there is just fur the weekend which is also relatively close by, so that might be worth a look too (though next years one would be a difficult stretch for me there is always another year)

Thank you :)

Tea · 29/10/2016 12:26

Aye, JFTW is a pretty cool con! Much closer than confuzzled, for me at least. And cheaper :3 

Tea · 29/10/2016 12:27 · 1 Reply

Oops damn phone I wanted a paragraph... If you do ever pop to one be sure to wave at Bun and I :D Good luck with your search!


Pixal · 29/10/2016 12:45

Of course! I was actually contemplating if I wanted to start suiting but no idea where i'd even begin. Either way if I end up goin' to one I'll shoot you a hey and give you a wave! haha. Thank you :) take care!

FloppyFox · 08/11/2016 17:05 · 1 Reply

There are a few good sites to find local furs, they are furrymap.net , furriesxtreme.org (you need to sign up to see the world map with markers), and the IFPL at ifpl.cattech.org . Personally I found furriesxtreme the most useful of the three, though there are local furs on all of them. Also someone already mentioned the UK fur forum which is a good resource.

Pixal · 08/11/2016 18:22

I have recently signed up onto ukfur, so hopefully when I get the time i can look into it more :)

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