PlatEon BlueNeon the Shiny umbreon
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Italy | INTJ | Biologically ♂ | Genderqueer | Demiguy | Demiromantic | Gay | Mainly bottom | Single |

My name's PlatEon BlueNeon, I'm a 23 years old Shiny Umbreon, and I'm a big fan of Pokémon! I really adore them! I'm friendly, loyal, funny, ironic, helpful, a dreamer, but also moody, sensitive, shy, impatient, lazy. I have my strengths and weaknesses, I only hope I won't annoy you too much! I just want to make new friends, that's all! I'm a digital artist, I usually draw Pokémon, and I'm a safe artist, even thought I may sporadically draw NSFW. I really like playing videogames and reading comics and books, even thought I don't do it really often, cause I haven't got enough time and, above all, no will... I'm currently studying computer engineering in college, this is my third year of studies. I really like surfing the net, listening to music, especially heavy metal, that I simply love! If you want to know more about me and my character, you can take a look on my F-List profile: Click! Hmm, well, I guess that's all, thank you for reading!


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PlatEon BlueNeon

Other · Shiny umbreon · Gay · Cancer
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