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Sale! Cheap Flat colour Headshots

Published: 24/02/2016 13:14

Head shots on sale!

Flat colour headshots are down to just £4.50 /$6.50 for a limited time.

Limited slots!

Examples can be seen here - http://fav.me/d9sta0m

I'm trying to save up for some new sfx makeup, a lace front wig (because he has his hair swept back and a custom fitted neck seal (for I am smol) for My Kylo Ren cosplay.

I'm doing an unmasked scarred face version of him for events when I don't want to/ can't wear the helmet and to afford the extra materials/ parts then I need to increase my commissions flow a bit to help that happen so time for a sale ^^"

Before you buy! 

You must be able to provide visual references of your character.

Paypal only please.

Just send me a note to claim a slot!

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