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Chipo grew up raised by his grandmother, who came from a background of herbal medicine.  Through her he learned how to tend to many types of plants, and keep plants that were not native to their home from becoming invasive or outright dying. When Bibi Maua passed away Chipo uprooted himself and moved to a new town to start over.

The town was very new and Chipo had heard that herbalists were needed. What better a way to gain a fresh start. He bought a house with his remaining money, leaving just enough for food, and he started on making his garden. 

As the days passed however, Chipo found himself becoming weaker and had soon fallen ill with the plague. His cough persisted and left him bed ridden and though many doctors tried to cure him his fever only seemed to worsen, and often the doctors gave up far too quickly. It wasn't a shock, not really. The town was still new and it's medics were quite new to the trade. 

It seemed the worst was in store for the wild dog, until a new doctor moved into town, one who had grown up in the craft. And Chipo was soon cured of the Ailment though the cough remained. 

Chipo can be found these days tending to his plants and running his shop, though he has to take many breaks due to his rattle leaving him winded. He often drinks tea and sucks on hard candies to keep it suppressed.  




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He has a small beauty mark under his eye on his left cheek. 

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Chipo is an African Wild Dog who is an Herbalist by profession. 

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