powderedsugarfrost the Snuffle is feeling Bored
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Are you on Furvilla? Do you want to Adopt or Commission me for a Sticker Paintie? 
You can do that at the Powdered Paintie Emporium on Furvilla!

Before I talk about myself I would like to take some time to talk about my lovers.

If you like my artwork you will probably also like my husbands artwork. You can find him here Vescen

If you need some quick reading material check out our Datemate's work here. SkullQueen

About me!

Demiboy: They/Them || Xe/Xem/Xyr

Honorific: Mux/ Mx.

Pansexual, Lithromantic, polygamous

Names: Clint, Sugar, Frost, Descen.

Sonas: Snowglove - Snuffle


Looking for Fursuit parts? Check here!

A world from the mun: I have more characters  HERE!  You're welcome to read up on them if none listed here interest you.


Please feel free to even leave comments on my character pages.

Comments make me feel good,
encourage me to continue doing artwork,
and give me a huge ego boost. (Honestly my ego needs to be inflated a little bit.)
So please don't feel shy about leaving a comment.


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Hasn't it been a long time. I have been so wrapped up in my gore art (consisting of humans/sort of human? characters) that I had all but forgotten about Furrific! Glad to be back though! I'll see if I can get any art to post here.
27/02/2017 03:25
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Quick update

Being sent to a neurologist to be checked for seizure activity.
18/07/2016 17:26


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Role-playing No
13/06/2017 10:21


Other · Snuffle · Pansexual · Pisces
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Maxxy, Coffee Cryptid
An awkward Coffee Cryptid. (Identifies as a DEMIBOY
10/06/2017 09:59


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Species: hyena
Artist Type: improving artist
Mood: sleepy
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Ty Wolvington! posted to powderedsugarfrost

21/05/2016 03:48

Your pics are great!

powderedsugarfrost · 21/05/2016 17:16

Thanks a bunch! Compliments are always welcomed.

Ty Wolvington! · 21/05/2016 17:20

you are welcome!!!

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