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Hasn't it been a long time. I have been so wrapped up in my gore art (consisting of humans/sort of human? characters) that I had all but forgotten about Furrific! Glad to be back though! I'll see if I can get any art to post here.
27/02/2017 03:25
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Quick update

Being sent to a neurologist to be checked for seizure activity.
18/07/2016 17:26

If it isn't one thing it's another...

Just gonna sum this up in little spurts. Don't feel like going into a rant and my head hurts. Past year- experiencing pounding in my head accompanied with dizziness, loss of vision, nausea Tell doctor- Get scheduled for a cat scan. Insurance won't pay for it - can't get it. Problem goes away ...
12/07/2016 20:14


I have a backup of potions I have been practicing. While working to perfect them and I am willing to sell all of them for 10 FD each. I have seven I am willing to give out. Fifty to Eighty. The quicker you buy the stronger the potion will be. If anyone is interested please PM me on Furvilla. My ...
07/07/2016 04:26
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I think I just got chewed out.

Or at least someone was looking to chew me out for my Native American character. The person said that if I weren't Native it would be 'offensive'. Good thing I am Native I guess. That helped me avoid getting chewed out. BUT, still. I just want to address that from where I stand when people of ot...
05/07/2016 05:16

Dying to have it.

Ever since I created Baduht {/PowderedSugarFrost/characters/3351} I have been constantly thinking about Funnel Cake. I have everything...except frying oil. Guess who's going to the store today. This globe!
01/07/2016 15:50

Just an update.

Since the dentists won't cap or remove the problem teeth I have gotten an over the counter oral mold to make a custom fit guard. The problem is...the last one made it worse. Let's be honest the things are bulky in the front and that's where my teeth hurt most. Not a big help. Anyway. I worked som...
24/06/2016 04:17


I am going to try to do some artwork in the next few days and finally get around to replying to RP's. I know I've been slow around here and I haven't meant to be. The meds were making me sick at first and now I am on pain meds and all that. I am hoping to get in an RP groove and of course a drawi...
16/06/2016 09:47
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Nonsexual Kink...

If that is even a thing. So I have noticed I REALLY like hooves. Literally every character ever could have hooves and I would not be upset. Hell even my snowglobe counterpart has hooves now. Hooves make everything better. But I'm curious. Does anyone else do this with something? What's your non...
12/06/2016 01:27
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Just got back from the doctor. The update is that I have three infections and a pulled muscle between my rips and belly button. I've been prescribed some pain medication and a LOT of antibiotics. One of the infections is in my throat which explains the coughing fits and trouble breathing I have...
10/06/2016 16:48


For all the furvilla base edits. I have a doctors appointment today and don't really feel like doing any original work, but I still wanted to play around with some art stuff and work with characters. Plus this is sort of a good way to show everyone the markings on characters bodies. I may actual...
10/06/2016 08:28
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I'm not feeling at all well. So it may be a while before I draw anything else. I think I may have given myself a Hernia and it's making breathing hard. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have everything checked out and fixed up soon.
07/06/2016 23:44
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Suddenly realized!

I have no art of Ruko and Carnova...so I plan to fix that tomorrow.
04/06/2016 01:29

Hot and Humid

Summer has officially come to my state and I've been sweating beads these last few days. I finally got an AC which Vescen {/Effervescence} helped me install in our bedroom. Boy was that a task. I was so happy to get a shower after. Well, summer cleaning begins I suppose...probably not tonight bu...
26/05/2016 21:11
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Today's Schedule.

Pretty much play randomized Pokemon Leaf Green. I wanna take a break from my tail I have worked nonstop on it three days in a row. I need a break.
24/05/2016 15:12
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My friend introduced me to the art of yarn tailing. I and going to be working on that. I'll post updates each night after working on it.
22/05/2016 01:32


I Cannot believe I am going on this rant again. If you have a feline anthro PLEASE STOP HALF ASSING THEM. PICK A BREED! You never see this problem with canines. Husky, Malamute, Dalmatian, Pit Bull. Everyone knows what kind of dog their canine is. Felines. Cat/Feline. FREAKING PICK A BREED. I'...
20/05/2016 12:32
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My back burns...

I probably shouldn't spend so much time hunched over a computer with my back problems. Unfortunately when you're an artist you don't have much choice. So i put medical lotion on to soothe it... it's so cold it burns. Just... why green one? Why?
18/05/2016 23:40
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New Nibs Arrived.

I can't wait to actually get some smooth art out now. *bobbles globe excitedly* Aww yiss.
18/05/2016 08:05

I am a liar...

I have nothing to do with my life without streaming. So I may broadcast later...like the dirty dirty liar I am.
15/05/2016 14:43
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I won't be streaming or posting anymore art for about a week or two. I am waiting for new nibs for the tablet to come in and until then I would rather not work on any projects. I have to admit the blurriness of the lines is starting to drive me nuts. I apologize, but I promise the wait will be wo...
14/05/2016 22:41


Drawing acolytes {https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost} < click
14/05/2016 16:48


https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost {https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost} Entities muses and acolytes
13/05/2016 19:16

Streaming: Foo Dog

COME IN! {https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost} I'm drawing foo dogs.
12/05/2016 06:34

STREAMING: Out of the frying pan into the flame.

https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost {https://picarto.tv/PowderedSugarFrost} Live in a moment.
11/05/2016 16:18
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So I just joined...

And I'm going to have to get a new sketch book today. Because I draw so much that I am now out of paper. I don't particularly like doing concept sketches digitally, so looks like it's about that time. Also, I have no clue what I am doing since I am new... I have the feeling I am going to be grow...
11/05/2016 07:58