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My back burns...

Published: 18/05/2016 23:40

I probably shouldn't spend so much time hunched over a computer with my back problems. Unfortunately when you're an artist you don't have much choice. So i put medical lotion on to soothe it... it's so cold it burns. Just... why green one? Why?

Wings · 19/05/2016 01:43

I am so sorry it burns so much sweetheart 

BenaresHyena · 19/05/2016 01:44

I'm sorry. Maybe take a long hot bath, works for me. Anyways I hope you feel better.

SkullQueen · 19/05/2016 01:47

I'm sorry love, get some rest and I hope the burning stops soon. Maybe you should work on posture to help the pain, or exercises to help with it. Take care of yourself sweetie ♥

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