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Published: 16/06/2016 09:47

I am going to try to do some artwork in the next few days and finally get around to replying to RP's. I know I've been slow around here and I haven't meant to be. The meds were making me sick at first and now I am on pain meds and all that. I am hoping to get in an RP groove and of course a drawing groove quickly. 

Also I have many tumblr blogs. 


The one I have been most active on these last few days is the psFIGHT blog. I have only done one little saints row fan comic on there. But if you wanna keep up with my crazy posts, my sass, and all my other SR/WWe obsession you are free to get in touch with me or follow me there.

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  • Published: 16/06/2016 09:47



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