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Quick update

Published: 18/07/2016 17:26

 Being sent to a neurologist to be checked for seizure activity. 

Morisith · 18/07/2016 21:49 · 1 Reply

 hoping for the best!

powderedsugarfrost · 19/07/2016 00:59

Thanks.  This whole mess has been a trip. Very tired. Head always hurting. Sick to my stomach a lot. Hope we can just find the issue and fix it, whatever it is. It will be a month before I can get in.  

Morisith · 19/07/2016 18:57 · 1 Reply

ah I see. I had a less serious thing. always tired and with headache, could sleep 20 hours a day and still be tired, also any bruise or wound I got wouldn't heal. Turned out I was just dangerousely low on B and D vitaminds and Iron. turns out y chocolate only diet was a bad choice. But yeah, hoping for something with a quick fix for you too! 

powderedsugarfrost · 20/07/2016 20:16

Me too. My head is much clearer today. I've had time to rest.But I go tomorrow for an MRI to be checked for any tumors before I do the thing for seizure's  

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