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Free lance illustrator and character designer. I do art commissions full time and comics part time, and have completed over 300 commissions for clients ranging from simple busts to sprawling cityscapes.

I'm a bit of a shut-in aside from my work and am usually open to chat with anyone who can tolerate being spammed with art updates~


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Upload Progress

I managed to finally get all the work two years and older uploaded, and am finally into the stuff that's only a year old. Trying to sort through and get this work up has been a bit of a headache since the uploader missed all my NSFW commissions and art, but I'm working my way through to get every...
7 months ago
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Settling In

I was just linked to this site so plan to take a little bit of time to get settled in. I have galleries on other sites with over 400 submissions, so have decided to prune a bit before moving over. Apologies for the spam of olde art.
7 months ago


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Nathan Baris

7 months ago

Zeke Fellsmith

7 months ago


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Species: dragon
Artist Type: 3d modeller
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Daisho posted to Prydri

7 months ago

welcome =^_^=

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