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Published: 10 months ago

As you may know, Bun Fluffpaws has decided to relinquish the site and give it to someone willing to continue her legacy. Someone willing to commit to the site, its users, and all its problems. 


I believe myself to have been and still a great contributor to the growth and well being of furiffic and her peoples.


I have committed over two long and fantastic years to the site, making many friends along the way, as well as keeping them and their escapades safe within the bounds of the site.


I have sheriffed the site with a fair but firm talon. I may have made a few enemies, but all my rulings, rants, defences, and punishments were all made with the users of furiffic in mind. For the entire time I have been a moderator I have never had to ban anyone, or dish out an overly aggressive or disagreeable punishment. Perhaps the people of furiffic are too well behaved or it could be that my level headed way of thinking had proved quite fruitful.

I'll be taking it upon myself to constantly innovate and improve furiffic. The site is by no means perfect, but perfect is a goal worth striving for.


I have plans written up for the improvement of the site. With my ear close to user feedback.

Such plans include working on a chatroom, improving the profile options and navigation, changing the ad layouts, and adding a forum. There's plenty more where that came from! The rest are super hush hush.


All these changes will be made without changing the alternative furry site experience you've come to love about furiffic.


I have the time and partners to help me make furiffic what it was always meant to be! I'll keep the site running for our community and continue to cater to the needs of the people within. I won't let this place die!

I need your support if I am to overcome any barrier that could be in the way. Even to those that are new or don't know me well. Don't let the site fall into the wrong hands! 



Don't do anything feathery, or I'll be there... >~>

Diamond Faith · 10 months ago · 9 Replies

So are you the head bird now? if so that'll be awesome.

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

Not yet, I haven't received word on it. All I can do is wait and hope for your support when I need it!

Diamond Faith · 10 months ago

I'll sure do my best as I would love seeing you in the captains chair. 

What would I have to do to show support?

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

Just saying you support me is good enough 

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

You can go above and beyond I'd you want, but that's entirely up to you lol

Diamond Faith · 10 months ago

Cool & is making a journal allowed? or do I go to Bun's page & tell my support?

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

You can make a journal 

Diamond Faith · 10 months ago

Ok will do. :) & i'm wishing my bird buddy good luck.

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

Thank you :) 

Diamond Faith · 10 months ago

You're very welcome.

Bran · 10 months ago · 4 Replies

Well this got interesting real fast. Don't wreck this site for me.. Alot of us moved to this site from other, more standoffish and harsh places. As of now, this sites users police each other pretty good and drama is uncommon. Please, do good and dont crash our home. I offer my full support to help in any way I can.. I may not be an active poster, but I'm always around, looking at art and reading journals, and I'd love to help keep this place the fair place it is. 

Bran · 10 months ago

Im going on 3 years on this site, and have loved every bit of it.. 

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

That's exactly why I'm looking to take over. If it's given to some random I fear the site is doomed. 

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

That's why I need everyone to back me up and support the decision of making me the new owner. I've worked pretty hard for this place. I can't just watch it die. 

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

I can only hope  Bun Fluffpaws makes the right decision.

Colliefan · 10 months ago · 2 Replies

A little word of free advice Pyruoo. Don't change the layout too much as Toumal did that on Sofurry in 2010 and it killed the site undoing years of growth and trust he never really got back, even to this very day. Sometimes changes that look good on paper or in your head don't really work in practice, so baby steps are best and keep in mind a lot of people like the site as it is so a full redesign probably wouldn't be a good idea. Bun Fluffpaws has my trust and respect, hopefully in time you will have it as well.

Pyruoo · 10 months ago

I wasn't going to change the layout or the overall alternative feeling. 

Colliefan · 10 months ago

Any changes unless handled carefully can blow up in your face. That's why I used SF as an example.

Exindiv · 10 months ago

You can do the thing! (I just woke up.)

Rana · 9 months ago · 8 Replies

I really do not know a thing about you, so I cannot say I know much about your track record. What I can say is that if you ARE taking over. Do the right thing here. I don't think myself an expert but I have seen the rise and fall of many. First, I would welcome people from any site. You seem to have that going well so far. Second, dont be like FA. Take suggestions, make some graphical changes and updates both to the layout and look of the site. Half the reason this site impressed me so fast before I signed up was the fact you can change the theme and colors. Don't stifle opinions. Many different opinions make a better place, not a worst one. But if I could give you three guidelines that will serve you well I would say "Remember, it's not the site, but the people who come here." "There are a lot of conservatives looking for a place to rest, and you could be the first one to rally them." And lastly "Behave in a respectful and honerable way. All the rest will fall in place after that." Heck I may get some flack for this stuff, (I know FA is banning any conservatives that speak out) but I honestly want to see this place run right and do well. Ive seen to many great things crash and burn.

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

Being conservative is very unpopular among the furries, even here. I'm not one for any sort of censorship, be they liberal or not. 

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

Don't worry too much, unless of course the owner decides to give it to some random that hasn't had any sort of dedication to the site and its community. If it falls into the wrong hands, I'm afraid it'll be furiffics dying breath. 

zrcalo · 9 months ago

I'm putting in a request for purchase, and am getting to know the community more. One of the issues I worry about is furrific's monetary situation and hosting. I recently purchased another site that the owner lost interest in, and just the cost of getting it up and running on my server was about $600. 

I was recently banned in the big FA ban wave that hit the site, and have been looking for other places to host my content. It may be advantageous to make an API that can grab galleries from FA to move here. like what inkbunny has.

Colliefan · 9 months ago

Inkbunny is a joke these days as is better known as either stinkbunny or pedobunny since Greenreaper took over and ruined the site much like Neer did when he took over FA (Although FA is doing better these days since IMVU took over, but AD blocker is a must now). IB is a child pron site now as lot of the stuff is underage and people just add fur and tails to underage smut in order to get past the site rules that GR turns a blind eye to as well as the human child porn that is linked through IB. Two sites that went downhill due to a change in ownership and there's the likes of SF which just went downhill trying to keep up with FA and a site owner that refused to listen to his members. Point is that Furiffic is the last decent fur site left on the net and a lot of people will be angry with you if you change too much or lose what makes Furiffic special.

zrcalo · 9 months ago

thats why its important to save it, promote it, and develop it further so it becomes a viable competitor to furaffinity and inkbunny. Weasyl is an option too, but their staff is also corrupt and will ban for politics reasons as well. 

the main cornerstone isnt to change the site, but to promote it as-is through various efforts like twitter, and to create a way for people to feel more welcome here and keep the community going.

Colliefan · 9 months ago

Weasyl is crap since they screwed up the thumbs and a lot of people left over that, myself being one of them. FurryNetwork is dead in the water. DA is a joke ran by trolls. So Furiffic is the only viable site at the moment. If you promise to keep Furiffic as it is but expand it and allow it to grow then you have my support.

zrcalo · 9 months ago

of course! Its more a goal of mine to get users to come to the site and use it, and see how things go from there. The site's pretty intuitive as-is. Things are a bit cluttered, but there are multiple options for themes. Different skins may be a fun thing to add for people in the future. Irregardless, the way the site is right now will always be an option for users to have, /IF/ I decide to change layout. 

I worked for wajas, and lemme tell you... when they changed the layout, it was so confusing I couldnt even use the site without bookmarks. I really dont want another wajas either. XD

Colliefan · 9 months ago

You sir have a supporter.

Rana · 9 months ago · 10 Replies

It may not be the popular opinion, but there are more conservatives than you might think. Ive recently discovered this what with the large conservative purge on FA. My point is that a Pendulum that swings, and swinging to far in one direction spells the end. Be it an intolerant politically correct dictatorship, or a conservative crack down on offensive material. But if there is anything we can learn from Marvels 98% loss in comic sales it is that silencing those that don't agree with you is a bad idea.

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

I'm not liberal so don't worry about it too much. I'm not going to focus on political opinions, because they're just that, opinions lol

zrcalo · 9 months ago

Most people are centrists at best. Its rabidity of opinions thats currently tearing the fandom apart. People gatekeeping and banning people for having different opinions, or just associating with those people (like what I did). If there's no admin for this site, thats going to be an issue when the influx of people come. This site needs an active twitter in the very least.

have you heard back from the owner of the site?

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

She's notorious for replying slow. I haven't seen hide or tail of her for a while now. 

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

The second in command here dislikes me because of my like for trump and other conservative opinions. So it'll be tough getting pasted that to acquire the site. 

zrcalo · 9 months ago

is the second in command active on the site? Who in the mod/admin level are active? So far I only see you guys and maybe a handful of others.

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

I'm the most active of all the administrative staff. You'll barely see any of the others, if at all 

zrcalo · 9 months ago

very nice to meet you! and I'm very glad you're active. So far this seems like a very welcoming community, which I love.

Pyruoo · 9 months ago

Nice to meet you too, I hope you decide to stick around 

zrcalo · 9 months ago

definitely will! In the very least, I hope to at least help you guys out.

Pyruoo · 9 months ago


Orlando Semperfire · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

From the little I know you now. you seem to be a apt and considerate person. I'll support you.

Pyruoo · 8 months ago

Thank you! :3

Madame Sparx · 7 months ago

I'm hella late to this, but you definitely have my support!

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