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Free Sfw/NSFW Exposure!

Published: 6 months ago

I've recently begun sharing nsfw artworks to Facebook from many of our wonderful members here at furiffic.

I haven't been including sfw to that, but today that changes! I created a Facebook page dedicated to sfw works!

I want to use it to expose furiffic artists as well as advertise furiffic to a large amount of people!

Give the page a like and a follow here:

Ez Pz my dudes! If you want any of your stuff posted just give me a PM or Comment below. 

Don't do anything feathery, or I'll be there... >~>

Pieca Pyrofire · 6 months ago

Excellent! It always seems like people are focusing on exclusively NSFW content, which is good, but it isolates a good number of artists. Thank you very much for doing this. ^^

Oakie_Dokie · 6 months ago · 1 Reply

*sees opportunity*


Pyruoo · 6 months ago

You should invest in a scanner 

Rain · 6 months ago

THECAGDL · 6 months ago


SmartWhitefang · 6 months ago

i have more: 

SmartWhitefang · 6 months ago


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