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We lived in a kingdom ruled over a system of strength.

It was a simple process, the one who was the strongest or smartest

was the King.

I grew up in a big house.

It was near a well wooded area where my brothers and sisters would play.

Being the oldest had its perks when you weren't babysitting all the time.

Mom was almost always home and dad was out late making sure everyone had food on the table.

My story wasn't very interesting up to the age of 16

Everyday was similar to the day before.

Get up, do school, babysit, chores, bed.

Only once in a while was that schedule disturbed.

Mother said I'd make a fine wife some day with all the work I did.

Yes, my life was set for me.

I'd finish school, find a husband, and live a life similar to how I grew up.


That wasn't what I really wanted.

I wanted to live my own life and see new places.

I wanted to travel and not have the weight of a family on my shoulders.

And just as if the universe had known

Everything changed one day.

The walls of our house came crumbling down and that weight of a family disappeared.

Little did I know that being alone was much harder to carry

They weren't gone.

I told myself over and over from the day my dad ran away with me into the night.

He left everyone behind and took me to help take care of him.

Father was a caring man.

He never did anything to hurt me.

But the woman he married next did.

She was sweet as could be when he was around

Caring, loving, funny, and smart

But father failed to see the bruises under my fur.

The weight I had lost.

The way that my eyes lost their light when he would talk to me.

I would curl up in bed at night and cry to a soft dream of happiness.

Where I never left mom.

Or where I could leave.

Days droned on and on

Seconds felt like forever and then like nothing when I would hear her footsteps.

Fear radiated off of me from that women

She called me many names day by day

Pathetic, worthless, unlovable, useless, bitch

It felt like it would never end.

My room was small and in the attic with one window.

I piled light grey walls with any books I could get a hold of.

Old wooden floors creaked when I would walk on them.

I was getting used to everything, the new routine becoming old.

That was when it changed again

She caused it this time.

She took me away from my dad and I couldn't fight hard enough.

I had lost everything,

and just to make it better she put me into a trade row.

I got sold like an object to some man wearing elegant clothing.

Pitch black fur and cold blue eyes.

It was like a nightmare or a fairy-tale to him probably

Innocent helpless bunny sold to a wolf of his stature.

I was done for and I knew it

He took me home with him and the whole way there I prepared for the worst.

But the worst never happened

He brought me somewhere I never imagined I would go

Straight to the center of Celti Kingdom and up the marble stairs of the Kings castle

The current king was a man called Zero

He was given this name for many reasons

He had zero losses in his fights, No limits, No hesitations, and no loves.

A fox king of a kingdom he long ruled.

I was given my own room and new clothing

The following day I was told my duties as a new maid to the king.

I was already good at cleaning and I could babysit easily with all the years of experience.

There was one thing I didn't know though

The king had a son.

I ran into him one day while cleaning windows

When I say that, I literally mean I ran into him and he had to catch me before I landed on my ass.

He wasn't the nicest

Far from actually.

He was a fox much like his father but not a streak of orange fur.

Black, white, and grey fused in his fur

and his eyes of the purest and coldest blue.

I heard some maids complain about his behavior and snicker calling him a prince of hell

After a while of working there I began to notice him more and more

Around corners, out and about, sitting in odd places and often times in my way

These encounters soon became conversations and we got closer to being friends

He told me about his childhood and eventually I opened up about mine.

We started learning a lot about each other.

Until one day he asked me a question I couldn't say no to

That was how I became the foxes princess

I was the only one who understood him, the only one he would often ever talk to.

And now that 2 years have passed he has gained the tile of King

With me sitting by his side as a well known Queen.

With his help I found my mother again and my father as well

My family was all closer to me, living right by the castle and visiting often

Everything fell into place.

So now I live making new adventures with my King by my side.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Queen of Celti Kingdom

Dealing with the Fox King is enough of a job as is

Extra Details

She is sassy and quick on comebacks

She is one to always say "Fight me" Despite her short size of only 5'2 or 3 as she says.

You'll always find a lollipop or piece of cake by her and wonder how she keeps her figure

Equally energetic as she is lazy, One day she's running around doing everything. The next she sleeps til the afternoon and reads

The relationship between her and her king is very playful and has many inside jokes and 'code' words. They some day home to have 6 kids


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


55Kg · 8 Stone, 9.25 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Coca-Cola Bottle


Some muscle not a ton

Extra Attributes

Age - 18

Fur- short fur, white with cream and tan colored tips.

Ears- floppy

Fingers from the bend up are a dark tan

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