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I'm Kami. :P

I'm an artist in the central US just tryin' to make a lil money here and there doing what I love. I like to talk, not much on RP, and always love working for and with other people.

I'm constantly open for Trades and Commissions. ♫

All old submissions might be weird cause I imported them and I didn't really wanna tag and add everything to 1.4k uploads, I'm sorry xx


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My Etsy Store is now Open!

https://www.etsy.com/shop/QueenKamisCrafts?ref=pr_shop_more If {https://www.etsy.com/shop/QueenKamisCrafts?ref=pr_shop_more} you're interested in checking it out please do!
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Foxy Flapper posted to QueenKami

01/04/2017 00:52

Thank you for subscribing and the faves!!

QueenKami · 03/04/2017 05:00

You're very welcome~

CatInYourCloset posted to QueenKami

22/03/2017 02:47

Thanks so much for subscribing to my content! :D ♥

QueenKami · 22/03/2017 02:56

You're welcome~ ♥

TerinasTiger posted to QueenKami

18/03/2017 15:34

Hey, thanks for faving part 1 of "Ryhn's Fashion Show"!

QueenKami · 03/04/2017 05:00

No problem!

Sora no Tamashii posted to QueenKami

18/03/2017 12:47

heya! thank you for the fave

QueenKami posted

17/03/2017 23:58

Oh my god I just realized I flooded the whole like front page and everything, I'm so sorry.

Tea · 18/03/2017 00:02 · 3 Replies

It happens! Welcome to the site :)

QueenKami · 18/03/2017 03:15

Thank you! I look forward to getting to know the site in the next few days, happy to be here and hope that I can learn the ways around nice and quick ^^

Tea · 18/03/2017 08:08

Well if you need any help, feel free to speak to any of the mods, one of us will give you a hand. 

I look forward to seeing more of your work! 

QueenKami · 18/03/2017 08:28

Thank you! I will def do that ^^

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